Australia: Military Military East Sea, China ‘says One, Doing A “

The more and more 'alarm' behavior is not in accordance with the statement of the country in promoting regional peace and security, Australia's defense minister said that on November 26. given after a Chinese naval ship passing through Australia's privilege area. Australian defense minister Peter Dutton has listed, Chinese behaviors from the East Sea Military, Actions with Radio Loan (China) to the enforcement of National Security Law in Hong Kong (China) is the evidence that China "said one, doing a" Australian defense department Peter Dutton. Photo: Reuters "We are all familiar with the Chinese government's regular statements that the country is committed to maintaining peace, cooperation and development. However, as we watch, China's words and actions are completely uninterrupted

. We are closely monitoring the situation between the Chinese government context conducting more and more alarming behavior, "said Peter Dutton. The relationship between Australia and China - the country's largest export market has plummeted since 2020 when Canberra supports the United Nations investigation in the origin of Covid-19. China reacted by Pause to the Minister-level contact and impose tariff measures with Australian wine, barley, beef, coal and seafood
Australia and the United States have called China's moving "economic force" ./. Kieu Anh / VOV.VN (translation) by: Reuters

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