Australian Prime Minister ‘does Not Regret’ For Canceling The Submarine Contract With France

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he had no regrets about the decision put the interests of the country above all to cancel the contract after the submarine with Phap.0: 00/1: 19-9 days NamReuters domain 53Nu quoted Morrison said that Australia had expressed concern about the contract submarines with France for months. "I do not regret the decision put national interests of Australia up first. This is an issue which I have discussed direct few months ago and we continue to talk about the problem, including the defense minister and others. I understand the frustration of France but Australia must always make the best decisions "- leaders Australia emphasized religion and did not disclose the cost of the new contract, saying only that the project is not the Australian Minister Scott Morrison re

.Thu price. Photo: ReutersOng Morrison said he had informed the French on the new agreement at 20 hours 30 minutes on 15-9. Then he Morrison, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced it at 7 am 16-9 (Canberra time)
According to the new agreement, Australia will produce at least 8 submarines energy nuclear technology is the US and UK provided within the framework of security partnerships 3 sides. This means that Australia canceled contracts to build submarines worth $ 40 billion signed with France in the new agreement to raise US 2016.Thoa fall into diplomatic crisis with France ever. Analysts say it could cause lasting damage to the US alliance with France and Europe Au.Trong Meanwhile, Paris describes actions submarine cancel the agreement as "a stab behind". French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian declared the relationship between the US and Australia are France with terrorist hoang.Sang 19-9, Defense Minister Peter Dutton Australian radio interview with Sky News: "The Australian Government has frank, open and honest about the interest in the submarine contract. we understand people are upset because France canceled the contract but our work is to act as the national interests ".He also Dutton confirmed Australia could consider renting or buying submarines from the US or the UK is to bridge the gap until the homemade submarines of this country to be handed over in late 2030.Pham meaning

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