Australian Prime Minister Tried To Call The French President But Not Yet

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on September 22 said he tried to arrange his own call with French president but not yet. However, he will persevere to heal relations of both sides.0: 00/1: 35 South "We have contact, but have not yet received the opportunity. However, we will persistently, "Prime Minister Morrison said in Washington, after meeting American legislators to discuss the new Treaty between America, England and Australia (Aukus) causing France to lose the submarine contract Prices over 60 billion USD with Australia, according to Reuters.Morrison said he understood France's frustration, as well as understood that the cancellation of submarines will generate many problems between Paris and Washington and they need time to solve Decision

. "I look forward to, and when the right time and the opportunity, we will have a discussion," he said. Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison said it would persist in healing relations with France. Photo: Reuters Morrison is in the United States to participate in a series of meetings this week
He said that both Australia's agreement to establish a nuclear energy-run submarine fleet and Aukus received the support of bisexuals In his meetings with American legislators and officials.Quan between France with Australia and the United States are cracking after Australia canceled The submarine is worth tens of billions of dollars with France to participate in the US-British - Australian three-party alliance, in which he and the United States will help Australia deployed submarines by nuclear energy.Paris continuously shows In their anger and summoned his ambassadors from Canberra and Washington. French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden talked over the phone on September 22 to ease relations. France said their ambassador will return to Washington next week. Dong Ngoc

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