Australian Prime Minister Waited For The Opportunity To Telephone With The French President After The Submarine

While the US and France quickly reconciled after the US agreement and he coordinated with a nuclear energy-based submarine to Australia, the relationship between Australia and France still cooled. Currently, Prime Minister Australia is waiting for the opportunity to telephone with the President of the President.00: 00/2: 49 NAM ANRIGHT in the French relations with the US related to Australia's nuclear energy submarine agreement Less after the telegram last night (September 22) between US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. During this deboke, the two leaders agreed to meet in October 2021. Not only staying there, after this talk, France said she would send the Ambassador to return to the US next week

. Morrison Prime Minister. Photo: Pickles. In that moment, France was still unmayed to Australia
Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison said that the officials of the country are trying to arrange a telephone with the French president but have not yet been yet The association to do this and Australia will wait patiently. Obie Morrison said: "The connection is very important. I am waiting for the right time and opportunity to have a similar discussion. However the problem that the two countries and Australia face are different. Australia decided not to continue maintaining an important military contract and we understood that France was disappointed because of this. So I think this problem will need more time to resolve rather than the intervention between the US and France ". America is not directly related to the Australian contract to buy 12 submarines running with French diesel. So the Australia canceling this contract is a problem between Australia with France. For the United States, France is angry because it is said that the Allies of the two countries have enough trust so that this country can consult with France about this case. Furthermore America plays the world's largest economy and is also the most influential power today, so stretching with the United States too long will not benefit the Fa
So when the US President Joe Biden signaled the previous signal by asking for a telephone with the French President, France had enough excuses to calm anger. The US agreement with France about building the process of consulting the problem does not repeat the situation as recently, is also a timely clapping move for France. The story with Australia is different, although the two countries are not allies But it is an important partner in the region. The presence of French in the Indian Ocean-Pacific is extremely important support for Australia in an effort to reduce external intervention. In addition, Australia moves to the purchase of nuclear energy by the US and Britain synonyms with a contract to buy 12 diesel submarines worth 90 billion AUD that the country signed with France in 2016 will be canceled. This made the Fa lose his face again and made the country miss a large business deal. So make sure that the Fa will not easily ignore Australia as the country quickly welded with the US. In a related development, French Foreign Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said Australia and France may take up to 3 years of negotiations before going to officially canceling the contract to buy 12 submarines of France ./. Viet Nga / Vov-Australia

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