Automotive Models Shaped Animals

Besides speed, modern furniture, many cars are impressed by the shape to associate the animals.0: 00/1: 40 namhyundai E4U (Photo: AutoTrader) E4U is a product of Hyundai Be present at car exhibitions worldwide but have never appeared in the market. Look overall, this concept car is like a giant egg with two rear legs, below each leg is a cake Tiny car. But many people also involved Hyundai EU4U like a mobile bee.Nissan Juke (Photo: AutoTrader) launched in 2010 but Nissan Juke does not take much symptoms from consumers

. The car has a different design, simulating the green frog. It is this design that brought Juke to the list of "bad" cars. So the Japanese car company decided to "death" Juke in 2017
Mini Cooper (Photo: Hotcars) Mini Cooper is a famous car brand, born since 1959. This model stands out with Image Imaging of a Bulldog.Mini Cooper 2021 dog is designed quite massively, not inferior to conventional SUV models. The car is equipped with a 1.5L 3-cylinder motor system, the striking TwinPower Turbo technology, can reach a maximum capacity of 136 hp.Porsche 911 overall form of Porsche 911 sports car is similar to the picture The shape of a dolphin is pluning in the water. (Photo: Autobytel) This is especially true for the Porsche 911 version produced around 2001. It's a slim nose, the graceful curve of the roof. Nisssan Cube (Photo: Carstore) The designers of Nissan claim that Cube is inspired by a glasses wearing glasses. Axe has a simple and similar picture-shaped design like a portable rectangle without accents
This is assessed as one of the most blast vehicles. Thang (Source: Carstore, AutoTrader, Autobytel.)

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