Automotive Registration According To The Distance: Fair But Difficult

Many experts and readers argue that, instead of registration according to the current fixed timeline, it is necessary to apply in the move to create a more justice for the means of: 00/3: 30 nam domain cars go a lot of regards, go less to post a few articles: "remove automotive registration paper: less annoying, increase transparency" and "remove registration paper, relax time, save time Thousands of billions "are posted, many experts and readers have submitted their opinions about VietNamNet, raising solutions to comprehensively change the practices of reality, creating favorable conditions for people and Enterprise. Proposing automobile registration according to the distance: Fair but difficult to stories about the time to test the means to become very "hot", have been attracting the attention of many people and driving Car. Many opinions said that, instead of expanding the time between registration periods to vehicles, the objects need to extend and adjust more must be a private car that does not run the service because many cars go very little but to the United States Still have to register in accordance with regulations. Dieu Nguyễn Nguyễn Vĩnh said, "My family's car through a few epidemics, all years of running less than 3,000km. But in the end of this month, it still has to take a regard, otherwise it will be severely punished

. "At the same time, some readers state the solution to" fair "most should test the vehicle in the move. Which means the vehicle runs a lot, the registration cycle will be "faster" than the less used car. "In my opinion, the rules of verification and payment of road use fees according to the number of kilometers have been the most reasonable
Example 10,000 km or 20,000 km once, just accurately, fairness and avoid waste of time, money of people ", Le Hoan readers expressed.chu tests of today's vehicles. Many experts also said that it is not no reason when many people suggest vehicle registration in a distance away from a car away (like a service vehicle) will obviously need more technical inspection than more than With little family cars use. However, experts also analyzed, cars are specific technical means and means of vehicles depending heavily on the use habits of vehicle owners and drivers. Not yet the car has a lot of technical conditions worse than the car going little. What does the registration agency say? Talking to VietnamNet on this issue, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai - Director of Motor vehicle registration center 29 -03S (Hanoi) said that the viewpoint of vehicle status according to KM index is not comprehensive because in fact, there are many detailed details of vehicles that will be damaged over time, not due Number of km operated. Hai Hai leads, a vehicle running a lot of kilometers but has repairs and maintenance fully and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations will have a stable technical condition than the methods. Little transportation but not maintained, correctly repaired and used not according to the recommendation. "When building processes, regulations and regulations on current vehicle inspection, the Registry is referred to International regulations and regulations
Therefore, in accordance with the inspection with the inspection cycle as applying as appropriate ", Director of the Reglared Center 29-03S said. According to the Vietnam Registration Department, now the whole country has more than 4 , 3 million cars are given inspection management numbers. In 2020, there are more than 3.7 million vehicles in the registration, including over 1 million vehicles to post points at least twice a year. (Photo: Hoang Hiep) Many experts showed a number of reasons why this proposal was difficult to fute, which was for cars today, especially with non-transport business cars still unable to manage the distance move. With a personal car, the car goes more or less based on the index displayed on the motor-meter. "If based on the number of kilometers of ODO (the road meter moved by the car - PV) It will arise fraud by technical intervention to stop or rewind the clock, making it difficult for the function force to check and control. Therefore, if you want to manage registration in a distance, it is necessary to add more legal regulations, which makes the story more complicated, "a analyst. Which problem is on? Please share the article about Motorbike Automobile - Newspaper VietNamNet by email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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