Awarded Nearly 30 Million Dong To Two Mother Orphans In Quang Binh

After VietNamNet newspaper shared the circumstances of two sisters Vy - Huu, readers of Hao Tam supported the number of money nearly VND 30 million.02: 00/2: Southern Southern Representative of VietNamNet newspaper in the village Tay Trach, Bo Trach District (Quang Binh) to award the amount of nearly 30 million VND to the family of two children Vy - Huu.Nguyen Thi Thao Vy (SN 2017) and Nguyen Thanh Huu (SN 2019) is the Son of Anh Nguyen's husband and wife Van Cong (SN 1989) and Ms. Duong Hong Minh (SN 1991), the character in a few writing: "Pregnant women are swept away by water, the poet remembers his mother crying tears". Then into the South as workers

. After married and gave birth to his first daughter, he had to send Vy to his hometown thanks to his grandparents, continuing to do business for children. VietNamNet gave money to support the family Nguyen Van Cong at 2019, due to unemployment, due to unemployment, Mr. Cong to his hometown was the time when she minh had a vote for the second child
She still tried to stay when she was nearly born in Tay Trach.After birth, due to the defect of each hand there were only 2 fingers No one hired you to do anything. Ms. Minh at home raising children, Mr. Cong who hires nothing to do, family life is very hard. 9/2020, she started to go to the market for tomatoes, beans ... earlier this year, she discovered a different child 3, to take care of the child, Mr. Cong to go to Dak Lak to make money on the wife of raising children
On the past September 25, she wants to be as soon as usual, preparing to go to the market to sell for birth because of pregnancy More than 8 months. It rained loudly, flooding all the way so she was died. The pain lost his wife, losing their children too big to make him the mental collapse. Not only that, he had to take care of their children, while looking for money, life became much more difficult. Before the local government's witness, representatives of Vietnam Net newspaper gave the amount of VND 26,700,000 Mr. Cong. This is your heart to read, share with your family's situation. Mr. Cong Empowerment sent a thanks to everyone who was interested, helping in difficult times. "I will use this money to save, worry about your children later," he said. Dong Duong Van Khanh, Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Tay Trach commune, thanks to the compassionate activities of Vietnam Net newspaper Location. "Thank VietNamNet Newspaper as well as your heart reading, concerned. Looking forward to sharing, empathy from the teller will help children with more motivation to overcome adversity, looking forward to many circumstances will be reported and helped soon to overcome difficulties, "Mr. Khanh said.

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