Awarding 16 Artwork ‘country Photos From The Sea’

The work of 'dawn on Ly Son island' by author Nguyen Huu Letter won the first prize of the art photo contest with the theme of 'country from the sea'.ban organization awarded the first prize for author Nguyen Huu Thu. -11, in Hanoi, the National Political Publishing House in collaboration with the Institute of Communications and Human Resources Development (Association of universities and colleges Vietnam), photography magazine and total life Linking and awarding the art photo contest with the theme "The country from the sea". According to the Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Minh Tuan, Director - Chief Editor of National Political Publisher True, the competition Organization to concretize the tasks that the Politburo, the Secretariat has set out in the Resolution of the Central 8th Conference on the 12th course on the Vietnam Sea Economic Development Strategy until 2030, vision to year 2045 and at the same time encourage specialized and non-specialized photographers at home and abroad to explore, creative to have special works on sea, islands under different perspectives

. G Since June-2021, the contest has attracted 3,760 works of 526 authors from 54 provinces and cities to attend.Theo judges, the contest works sticking to the topic and counter true lighting in the precious moments of people, living life, production labor, offering the sea of fishermen; beauty of the sea, island; marine production conservation activities, exploitation and development of marine, seafood, seafood exploitation; Economic development works such as oil and gas, seaports, tourist areas, natural landscapes, tourism potentials; cultural activities, traditional festivals of fishermen, islands; Security protection activities, sea sovereignty, homeland island. There are many impressive, beautiful and strange views
"Binh Minh on Ly Son island" by author Nguyen Huu Thu won the first prize in the competition. In addition to the first prize of the author Nguyen Huu Thu, there are 2 second prizes as "Silver Sea for Golden Life" (Tran Nam Son), "Conservation of coral reefs" (Truong Phu Quoc) and 3 third prizes, 10 consolation prizes . In addition, there are 5 prizes voted by the Organizing Committee. According to the Organizing Committee, the winning works will be selected to publish the Ministry of Vietnam Island Calendar in 2022, contributing to promoting promotion activities, promotions Ba tourism of the country, especially 28 provinces and cities coastal. The organizers will also choose quality images to print books and publications for the country's political tasks. Some other outstanding works through the competition: "Silver Sea for Golden Life" (Tran Nam Son). "Reef conservation" (Truong Phu Quoc). "Oil sea city" (Nguyen Van Tai). "Hon Tre - Nha Trang" (Huynh Van Truyen). "Symphony between people and Thien course "(Van Toan fee)

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