Ba Dinh Square – Proof Of History

For many Vietnamese people, Hanoi Capital is not only a political, economic and cultural center of the country, which Hanoi also keeps many landmarks and historical sites, cultural relics and Revolution: Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, Ho Guom and Turtle Tower, Dong Da Go, Hanoi Chess Plate, Opera House and August Revolution Square ... especially Ba Dinh Square, where 76 years Front witnessed the great historical moment of the ethnic declaration of independence 2-9-1945, which was also associated with the name of the Ho Chi Minh's nation's old father. 76 years of revolution Eight successes (August 19, 1945 - 19-8-2021): From the revolutionary fall in August, 76 years ago, under the flag of the Communist Party of Vietnam, according to the call of Ho President, My whole nation from Bac Chien Nam million people as one mostly stood up to total revolt to win the government throughout the country

. On August 19, 1945, tens of thousands of Hanoi people after attending a rally in the City Opera House Square, were gone to recline, accounting for agencies and offices of the Japanese bodies offer , win full government on people's hands. After the August Revolution was successful in the country, on September 2, 1945 in Ba Dinh Square History, between the forest of the Red Star Golden Flag and the among the Vietnamese people have just escaped the slave of the Empire. , colonialists, President Ho Chi Minh on behalf of the Lam Trong government to read the Declaration of Independence, Biomed from Vietnam Democratic Democracy - the first People's Democratic State in Southeast Asia
From an empty and unspoiled land in Hanoi in the French belonging time, after the declaration of independence, Ba Dinh Square went into the history of our nation and became a place to produce democracy regimes Republic of Vietnam. Greetings flags are made in every morning in the Early In-morning on Ba Dinh Square Three Dinh Truong Ba Dinh before the August 1945 revolution is also called Rond Point Puginier), also known as Quang Puginier School - a father tried to French. It is a land consisting of wastelands and new ponds filled with tens of hectares, tens of hectares. This round square area for a long time has almost nothing changes. Although twice, two French architects Hebrat and Cerruti provide a master plan to renovate and re-plan round square. And later in 1922 and in 1938, the French authority was also available The intention to plan round square. But don't understand because of the reason the circular square improvement projects are still on paper. However, it is not nothing to change. In 1930, the French also built a building in the round square (head of the flag column today), which was the financial and registration dentist. The house was built quite nicely, designed by French architect Cerruti and bidding and constructed by Aviat
The French also planned to be a large park in the land of Round Square and Hoang Dieu Street. The road is expected on the map named Rue Paul Doumer (name a French full-power member in Indochina), after August network changes in Nguyen Lam city. So in the first half of the twentieth century, this round square was not much noticeable, surrounded there were many bumps filled with sand gravel, almost no trees, which were bids for construction. Local venue of the first August network, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was established. Hanoi capital conducted abandoned the old traces of the French belonged time. Therefore, the ward and garden names, the park also has a lot of changes. This round square is no longer named Try Puginier, which is called Ba Dinh Flower Garden. Data called Ba Dinh Flower Garden or Ba Dinh Square is to commemorate the French anti-French revolt at the end of Thanh Hoa The nineteenthesis is led by Dinh Cong coated. There must be random or not that the Board celebrates the independent declaration and introduction of the interim government to choose Ba Dinh Square, bringing it to a glorious mission, making it one of the historical points Important of the country? At the request of the interim government at the time, the Board organized the independent declaration ceremony (since the people in the National Culture Department were in charge - Head of Pham Van Khoa, Architects Ngo Huy Huynh and Painter Nguyen Dinh Ham) went to find a large place for a large monstring that could concentrate tens of thousands of people. Initially the people in the organizers were about to choose a horse or Indochinese panties, but it found it too far from the center of the city. The central location is too cramped theater square. Therefore, the Organizing Committee decided to choose Ba Dinh Square, although it was now surrounding the locations like full rights, Hanoi ... there are still hostile forces occupied. The big ceremony on September 2, 1945, between Ba Dinh Square, the organizers put a high wooden podium, around the fabric wrap, glowing the slogan, on the platform with a flagpole. The ceremony of the festival between the sun, Chang Chang in August, when President Ho Chi Minh spoke, there must be someone

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