Baby Girl Asked Him To Go To The Parent Agent: He Just Poked His Face, The Teacher Did Not Utter

This is probably the first-year-old parent meeting! 0:00 / 2: 06 Nougos in the period of periodic meetings, teachers can invite parents to exchange unexpectedly if the school's learning is questioned Title. In case the parents are absent, the teacher can talk to other adults like grandparents, uncle, ... of children and thanks to the communication for their parents

. Also so many teary jokes have happened. Newly here, a Facebook account with B.C
N has shared a very funny story about his daughter. This father said that the daughter used to invite parents in the second year but at the same time he went away. So she invited his uncle to go to the household. However, the teacher had a dream of unexpectedly, her uncle ... children so much! The story was as follows: "Five layers of 2 chips are invited by parents. But at that time I'm working In Hanoi, there was a chip in the countryside.Chip: "Miss, my parents go to work far away, 2, 3 weeks of new. Can I invite your uncle to go out? " An uncle (Chip's Chip) Learn 5th grade to blew buttocks of the mother to listen to the teacher's complaints about the chip's learning situation
Time I still haven't imagined the teacher's expression Then.P / S: Here is the rare common picture of the two grandchildren ". The same network is then no faster to smile at the too funny story. Some people think that teachers meet parents who have finished depression, so they cannot say. By the time he was calm, she must also laugh at the body. On the uncle side, even if she was young, it was also very responsible for her children in the house! Below the post, the online community has left a series of funny comments: - Sitting a teacher presents the situation of the chip In class for a long time, he added to the teacher: "Miss, I on behalf of my family are asked to receive her opinion, and will return to rectify the chip. If there is no more anything, I ask for permission She gave me early. This afternoon I have an appointment to play with your friends. "- Look at the reputation too. This fruit teacher bought Bim Bim's package to eat anymore. - She met him even to invite the whole parent to be funny. Nhí

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