Bach Lan Phuong ‘peel Off’ Huynh Anh, Message A Question: ‘do You Remember For Pcr Testing’

More than 6-year-old boyfriend, but the female MC VTV seems to know how to have a lot of people, angry to be angry to pat when she loves very much! Funny way. Female MC revealed, lovers ask for permission to work for 1 day. But until the second day, I still don't know when it will go back. She is not afraid to "peel off" her boyfriend: "I am afraid of your wife, but your wife all the neighbors are afraid of not him. And let you video call Story to your wife when your wife is sick, pale face

. Not to mention you to execute each other to say the wife does not allow your wife to explain a sentence. Saying 1.2 sentences, the other side shook too much to hear anything
Ok my husband. Going out to the street. Strong up. Strongly up ".mc Bach Lan Phuong and the face on the programs of VTV Bach Lan Phuong shared the message with her boyfriend, message the other half" to say "when going to the street. Lan Phuong said Huynh Anh took himself "afraid of his wife" with his association. In addition, she also shared the message with her boyfriend, told the other half "to say" when going to the street. Even, there will be additional money and clothes if needed. However, Bach Lan Phuong also did not forget to prompt light: "Do you remember to go to PCR tests and then have a lot of money." Regularly post romantic images on MXH
Previously, after having a doubt is going to celebrate the wedding, MC Bach Lan Phuong also publicly call Huynh Anh as "husband". Specifically, Female MC changed new avatars and wrote: "Husband changes avatars not for sexy photos".

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