Back To The Old Roof

Every time I returned to the old town to look back at the old house, in my heart, I could not describe it, people often say inner people who often have deep emotions, still the old house neighborhood Although now has changed a lot, looking at the fence of the tree in front of the lane, the summer winds, the old memories are flowing back ... the photo provided by the also has a roof or one The hut to cover the rain in the sun, whether it was temporary, hired or stayed with the parents, the old memories of the past fad

. The old house where my family stayed at the end of Ben Van Don Street, which was the part of the land surrounded by the canals of Tau Hu canal, when the land was wide, the grandparents had built the house The three-time tile, the center of the center to the altar of the remaining two-time ancestors to live their family, that time I was married with my cheeks, I had to stay in my house from a permanent man who did so I had the opportunity Close to grandparents. In front of the house with a large yard to dry rice, far away are square plots, when people live mainly growing rice and john the sentence, close to the side of the house is the canal that flows to the train channel every time the water Large all the kids we jumped into the river .
. in the afternoon, they pulled out of the fields to reap to bring kites to release high to bring their dreams to strange horizons ... in front of foreigners with breasts Milk every season yes left, I and the naughty children often climbed grandfather or cruisers, left the breast milk, did not give up the neighbors and bring to the market to change rice. Every year until the day of her grandmother, the Aunt and grandparents were also invited to attend. The sky was just knowing my cheek and sister two took a car to the hamlet market to buy the lights, fruits and fruit cakes to offer an annual death, everyone, everyone continued to have enough to eat enough, rarely meet much when all year Heaven, everyone said the air of the air to make the meeting extremely bustling, the scene of the person who came out ... Ms
she met also fell into a betel nut, the youth men were setting a stall , who is skilled, holding a knife slaughtering pig slaughtering on coal, the sound of fat burning on coal listening to a small young man running jokingly, creating a very noisy atmosphere? . After the historic event 30-4-1975 grandparents who were older, were older, the guys and aunt were also married, the house only left his grandparents, Saturday afternoon I also stopped Visiting foreign plays on Sundays on Monday morning to go to school. These five months are very difficult economic situation, eating bo bo, noodles ... turn the grandparents lose, the youngest Province to sell houses G grandmother, when I moved my house, I hugged my grandparents crying all my tears, I turned my head back back to the real house before all sank in the past ... *** this afternoon on the way to work Visit here to visit the old house, heard that the area plans to be a green park so almost home here migrates all, still remaining the ancient houses including a foreign house , perhaps because of being planned, the house still holds the main streets of three minutes. I stand outside the gate Looking very long in the old house, the anniversary of the year suddenly rushed back, each slice of space and Time, each leaf of the grass behind the house. The first is the smell of straw when it comes out of the field to catch a grilled hamster, the smell of burning meat smells with a fragrant straw. Then the mint was on behind the house, the dust of the tree when she boiled the fragrant snail. The smell of sour sour fishfish is famous ... and more smells are the smell of homeland, no matter what to go throughout the four ways I still remember to remember the smell of thing. More than 45 years of drifting As a daytime dream, the old old people who have beautiful pony, friends have now adventurous throughout the four ways, some close friends have no longer on earth ... people like a dream dream Started up, the millet is not ripe but the hair is white as a rattan flight ... dvstheo chat

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