Backstage Movie Flavor Body 2: Revealing New Details And The Relationship Of The Actors

Backstage photos partly revealed the attractive content of Part 2 Film Footer Love. The audience was extremely excited to see the couples of fiery facilitoes on the film, in realself in extremely close and close again. Also changes in shaping of feminine characters in part 2, the audience False feeling is interesting with the scenes photo with his character (Vo Hoai Nam), Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh), Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) and Diep (Bich Ngoc) together appears in general a frame with Dung " Department of Khanh "- The enemy of Ms. Bich's family (Source: Zing) The image is close to the backstage of Ms

. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong), Ms. Bich, Ba Sa (Thu Hanh) (from left to right). In the film, all three of these mother have the personality that makes viewers feel uncomfortable this is the lovely, lovely picture of the three mothers in the love taste (left photo) and Ba Bich's family Party 2 daughters (right photo) Two pairs of mother Son Ba Sa - Khanh Thy (Left photos) and Ms
Xuan - Mrs. Gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh) (NSND Nhu Quynh) (NSND) (right photo) Not much "satisfied" on movies, but in real life Lastly close to Guo Thu Phuong and artist Mai Nguyen happily in the backstage a scene of "sharp" with young cast, "senior" Quach Thu Phuong remains extremely beautiful and attracts two fosterfoods and The father of the South, was played by the NSND of Justice and the role of Vo Hoai Nam to take a commemorative photograph in a young film context and when he was happy in the exciting behind-the-scenes. In the film, NS, Vo Hoai Nam and actor Doan Doan Dam together with a leg shape, ignite when playing a prison father's role in squid loving his daughter (Source: VOV) The "hot" behind-the-scenes photo On social networks are the wedding ceremony of the main character pair (Phuong Oanh) and Long (strong school). Based on these images, the audience has a basis to believe that after waves, men and Long are still together (source: Zing) the exciting behind the scene of the male and long-sleeved scenes in his hand. In fact, both hands "hands in hand" with him filming to get a romantic film sent to the audience (Source: VietNamNet) does not stress like on movies, Phuong Oanh and strong school happy to take pictures under mango canopy False fruits in the backstage of Ms. Xuan's family "flooded" the gorgeous dress in the context of the wedding of Long-Nam couple (left photo). Huy Couple (Anh Vu) - Thy (Thu Quynh) is extremely beautiful wedding dress (right photo) Backstage of Huy Huy - Thy in the movie is extremely excited by the audience because both plays extremely "Sweet" in a newly married young couple (Source: VTC) According to some circumstances revealed, the affection of this character's couple in Part 2 also undergoes the waves, when a third person comes in to Attraction of the audience, Thu Quynh - Anh Vu made a sweet wedding photo album to send to the audience. Beautifully dream wedding photos When Thu Quynh posted on the personal page, I immediately attracted a large number of fans' attention (source: VietNamNet) - I attracted the love of the audience thanks The sweet and romantic scenes of life, the single mother Thu Quynh currently lives with his 6-year-old son after divorce with the poison after nearly 2 years of life. And actor Hoang Anh Vu also had married in 2014 and had a 3-year-old son. However, he now divorced Italy

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