Backstage Of Phuong Oanh’s Affectionate Scene – Strong School

On the film, there are only Long and South but actually have a crowded Crew around Phuong Oanh and strong schools. / Backstarraphen long-term male care in 'Flavor friendship' 56 in episode 56 Flavor, character Long (strong school) into the prevention of visits and for men (Phuong Oanh) eating porridge after she undergoes the surgery. On the film, only two people appeared but in fact have a large ether of dozens of people who appear in the context to support two actors. According to the script, Phuong Oanh must be on the hospital bed. She enlisted a dialog with strong school under the supervision of the director of fingers

. Around them have several films, sounds of sounds, light ..
not to mention the appearance of medicine doctor at the hospital backdrop to ... shooting pictures. In the technical department Preparing for machines and corners, Phuong Oanh sat up to make up his face for his face that looks paleer than the same person who has just experienced a critical problem. Strong school sitting next to the co-star seemed to be impatient until he didn't forget to "act" when he saw the behind-the-scenes lens LIA to me. Can see that to make a movie scene requires the attention of the anniversary of the actors also As a coordination of both a large quadrant. Due to filming in the epidemic situation, all relevant parts appear in the context of wearing a mask, only Phuong Oanh and strong schools because they have to go to shape, so they are as long as they turn around. Movie only two actors. Positioning the body has broadcast to episode 58 and is expected to end Part 1 in episode 60
Part 2 will last about 60 episodes, regularly on Monday to Fressel Weekly on VTV1.Vy Uyen

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