Baked Snakehead Fish Roll Lotus Leaf

This dish went into the knife sentence: 'Getting a grilled snakehead fish / Making white wine trays far away ...' .0: 00/2: 35 nam nuotu from Can Tho to the Western Province, baked fishing dish Trui was made by many people

. However, each region has a separate processing way, providing different cuisine flavors. Many guests said that the baked roasted fish dish in Dong Thap left the unforgettable aftertaste. Grilled stencils Trui rolled lotus leaves now not only a mere food but also the soul of the soil, the love of the land Dong Thap Muoi people
This dish went into the knife song: "Getting a grilled snakehead fish / Making white wine trays far away ..." Any time the time of the year, this baked broke fish dish also. But the most is in the floating water season. Variations from grilled snakehead fish, Dong Thap Muoi people use a common, easy-to-use leaf, which is the young lotus leaf to create a special dish with a rustic name: Baked snakehead fish Non-sen. The people of Dong Thap said, wanting this delicious dish, so choose a brass fish (a fish live in a natural environment, has a darker skin color than farming fishing fish). Fresh snakehead fish are washed clean, pregnant, give up the fish bile and get the salt to wash again, to drain. Should not beat fish scales because this scales will help fish without burning, while keeping clean fish will not be stuck, sticking to ash. Processors often use a fresh lemongrass tree from the fish mouth down and then baked
This way to help reduce fish's smell and bring attractive aroma when baking fish. For delicious grilled fish, the day before the relatives of Dong Thap Muoi often use straw to bake. Grilled fish with straw must be experienced, fish are not burned and ripen. Today, the relatives often put the fish on the stove, baked until the fish are yellow, fish skin hunting and aroma. A little trick, with big fish, relatives often pour water into the fish mouth for Down the stomach to the fish nine steadily without burning the outer layer. Sen is chosen to have snakehead fishes must be new leaves papillae on the water, two edges of rolled leaves in the middle of freshness. Also when people process fish in a way: Use a pointed bamboo stick from the mouth from the mouth to the tail, wrap the fish sealed with two or three old lotus leaf layers (choose fresh leaves with dark blue) and then grill nine Increasing the fragrance of the dish. Ripe grilled snakehead just cleans the outer layer, enjoying the white fish meat inside, hot and fragrant. Thoughtfully grilled snakehead fish rolls of young lotus leaves are indispensable The type of food with a vermicelli, thin sliced bacon, peeled tiger shrimp, dotted with the mixed fish sauce is ready to eat. Grilled snakehead fishpieces with young lotus leaves and the attached food, adding the fish sauce, diners feel full of sour, acrid, salty, sweet ... Fish skin and crispy, sweet and fragrant fish Bui, intestines of easefish, tasty lotus leaves, threats sometimes lotus incense, making diners unable to resist ... Luc Que Anh

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