Bamboo Airways Fly Usually To America: What Does The Aviation Department Say?

Vietnam Aviation Administration has reported the Ministry of Transport on the regular flight plan to USA of Bamboo Airways Airmays.0: 00/2: 43 Nouthern region according to Deputy Director of Vo Huy Cuong Aviation Department, Bamboo Airways Has been granted a license to transport air transport business with the scope of international exploitation, domestic and aircraft operators (AOC) for b787-9 aircraft categories with North American mining areas. Not recommended BAMBOO Airways is a designated airline to exploit the routine flights between Vietnam - USA.Theo regulations, Bamboo Airways are eligible for regular international flights, unusual shipping Passengers and goods between Vietnam and the United States of air transport between Vietnam - US countries signed on December 4, 2003 regulations, each signed country has the right to indicate how many airlines are due to I mean international air transport in accordance with this Agreement. Such indications will be notified to the other party in writing through diplomatic lines and must be clearly determined that the airline is allowed to perform a type of air transport

. "Bamboo Airways qualifies for designated is a designated airline of Vietnam to exploit the routine flights between Vietnam and the United States ", the document of the Aviation Administration. According to the Aviation Administration, B787-9 Fillers of Bamboo Airways Approved by the agency to exploit Edto to 120 minutes on December 10, 2020 and made a verifier of EDTO to 180 minutes on Hanoi - Amsterdam flights on September 26, 2021. Legal, June 1, 2021, Bamboo Airways have submitted a regular flight permission at the US Department of Transport (DOT)
From 23 - 24/9/2021, on the basis of being designated by Vietnam to exploit unusual flights between the two countries, Bamboo Airways has made a return flight in Hanoi - San Francisco - Ha Internal flight allowances have been granted by the dot by the guidelines of the dot. Vietnam's designated airline exploits regular flights between Vietnam and the United States. "Bamboo Airways has prepared steps according to the US legal order. The continued appointment of Bamboo Airways exploit routine flights to / to the US after the unchanged mining (Rent-Charter) in accordance with the provisions of Vietnam Air Transport Agreement - America, as a basis for airlines to implement the usual flight preparation steps to the US in the future oriented by the Government ", the Aviation Administration. It is known to this appointment, Bamboo Airways can group Passenger flights and goods from Vietnam to the United States, cargo from the US to Vietnam and can passengers are foreign experts, foreign investors, Vietnamese citizens to water when prime ministers and ministries , related sector approved. Before that, Vietnam Airlines was appointed to exploit regular routes between the two countries and still in the process of preparing flight plans. Hoa Binh

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