Bank Chip Cards ‘step Forward’ Into Public Transport

Vietnam for the first time there are public transport to buy tickets with a bank chip card that only 'touch' is payment instance: 00/3: 21 southern customers can pay electric buses can pay Tickets with a bank chip card. (Photo: Vietnam) Vietnam National Payment Joint Stock Company (Napas) Coordination with Vinbus Ecological Transport Service Company Limited Deploying non-contact payment services on electric buses with Napas cards Vietnamese banks released. That, from December 2, the first electric bus route was officially operated by Vinbus to serve Hanoi people. Passengers can use unused inland chip cards due to banks BIDV, Agribank, TPBank, SHB, Vietbank Bank, Vietbank and SeAbank to buy tickets. The face in the traffic is provided by NAPAS to coordinate BIDV, customers can implement non-contact payment methods only by manipulating a light touch card on the card acceptance device installed on the bus to receive tickets

. For passengers using the ticket to buy tickets, recharge the Vinbus card in the form online at the address. This is the effort of Napas and BIDV as well as a number of banks in expanding delivery network Public communication, contributing to encouraging people to experience new, friendly and environmental transport services. Dong Nguyen Dang Hung Deputy General Director Napas emphasized with non-contact chip cards, people just touch Lighten cards into the car card acceptance device can pay tickets instead of cash
The outstanding advantage of the chip card not only enhances safety features, information security, risk prevention of fraud, forging in card transactions, which chip card can also integrate payment features with calculation Other features in many areas such as medical, traffic ... People with non-contact domestic chip cards will easily access and quickly use electric buses to buy tickets as well as recharge tickets in the month. Traffic management and operations will control more transparency of travelers on vehicles, as a basis for optimizing the smart city model. Using non-contact inland chip cards to pay Vinbus's electric bus ticket and other similar payment utilities are gadgets for people to soon switch cards from bank chip cards. "We will work For banks that have released the current chip card to expand the entire bus payment service, all the people are using chip cards. Besides, it will extend other forms of payment such as putting the payment method on the mobile phone. People can use smartphones using as a chip card that can be touched to pay to perform buses as well as participate in traffic. In the future we will coordinate very closely with banks and other payment intermediaries to make a mobile payment via the form of QR code scanning, "Hung shared
According to the policy of the State Bank, banks are actively converting chip cards for customers. With the convenience, fast, the safety of the chip card will promote the use habits of not using the cash of the people, contributing to the digital economy. Also according to Napas representative, there are about 21 million chip cards Contact (contactless) on a total of 100 million bank cards on the market. The number of non-contact chips will also increase sharply in the route to convert the card from the upcoming chip card. In addition to the risk of stealing and fake information with the previous card, the chip card is capable of storing information Large news and leaders of the State Bank are expected to help Vietnam apply to other areas such as payment in insurance, transportation, payment of public services ... as in some developed countries . Sau Vinus, it is expected that Napas deploys this non-touch payment service with another traditional bus transport unit and applies in many other localities such as Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City./. Vietnam)

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