Banking Bank Is A Central Strategy Of Pvcombank

In the context of epidemics, PVCombank's digital bank has solved gaps in distance, time, helping customers can fulfill the needs of financial trading anytime, anywhere from opening accounts by Phuong EKYC authentication without going to the bank ... 0: 00/5: 41 Nuoc Nanhong Duong Xuan Quang - Deputy General Director of PVcombank.With every step of opening the operation, the economy The positive recovery effect after nearly 5 months is affected by the 4th Covid-19 wave in the process of recovery, the banking industry plays an important role

. In addition to the support of monetary policies, each bank creates its own motivation and strategy to overcome difficulties and create momentum for accelerating in the future. Mr. Duong Xuan Quang - Deputy General Director of PVCombank Bank has made shares to see more than that prospects
There is a towel from recovering the social ways in recent months for the general economy and the banking industry In particular is inevitable. According to him, what is the most difficult for the bank to face in this 4th outbreak? Bank is a specific field when both a business, playing the role of the economy In ensuring the circulation of national financial currency flow. In addition to common difficulties like any business has been facing such as limiting in access and customer consultancy, whereby business development goals are affected, the banking industry - including PVCombank also faces bad debt issues. This severe is always present at the risk of increasing if the epidemic is not controlled. And when bad debt issues are not processed, customers will be difficult to access new capital, credit needs decreases and affects the profit results of banks. With the effects of epidemics, the last time What strategic changes to maintain business activities? In the context of disease, PVCombank's digital bank has solved obstacles in distance, time, help customers implement Be the needs of financial trading anytime, anywhere from opening an account by EKYC authentication method without going to the bank, paying all invoices spending, transfering 24/7 interbank to open savings books Or is an effective financial management assistant ... all are completely unnatural. Other ways, switching numbers is not just a general strategy in ensuring the circulation of currency flow, but also As the foundation, is the preparation necessary for future accelerations when customers' habits and behaviors have been changing every day
Combank will constantly upgrade and update the ecosystem of features based on the needs of all customer segments and the digitization of traditional products to number banking platforms to meet and serve daily customers A better. Especially, banking is also a long-term strategy for PVCombank towards potential young customers in Genesis Z and Alpha gene - the generations are exposed to technology right from the time Small and shaped shopping habits, consumer ... through online channels very early. When the epidemic situation is gradually controlled, coming to stretching the social way will be loosened, according to him, what is the motivation Promoting PVcombank and the banking industry in general in the coming time? The government promotes the people's vaccination and opening up from the end of September is the most obvious sign for economic signs. Active recovery. In addition, the State Bank also issued Circular 14/2021 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular 01/2021 on the restructuring of the debt repayment period, exemption and reduction of interest, charges and charges Debt to support customers influenced by Covid-19 translation. Lengthening the debt structure time for an additional 6 months compared to Circular 01 is the necessary driving force for people and businesses to have more difficulties Time to restore production and business, both ensure safety in the system. PVcombank has been shaking hands on assessing, classifying, shortening the approval process of dossiers to quickly support customers of Circular 14. This will support PVCombank to complete "Objectives Dual ", which is both safe and secure business operations for customers to overcome difficult stages and recover after greation. Besides, the epidemic context also shows active capabilities and Human adaptation is endless. At PVcombank, the system staff of the whole system has been very quickly adapted to new working and working methods such as meeting regimes, working through online vehicles, even the transaction score must work "3 in place". Every work is still deployed smoothly, even higher efficiency because everyone is aware of much effort compared to the normal period. I think that adaptability is very important. It is the driving force for the banking industry in general and PVCombank said

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