Barca And La Masia Resurrection Plan

Joan Laporta emphasized that La Masia returned as Barca's backbone in the planning plan, and now he was on the right track. "They have 222 million euros from Neymar and spend this money in the blink of an eye. That is Time of Luong bulhulge funds. We will have to change the model, reinvest in La Masia, making more sporty decisions. "This is the words Joan Laporta said in the press conference Pine description is "face" Jose Bartomeu

. Mostly focused on Barca debt of 1.35 billion euros and the Laporta was ready to set against his predecessor, but forgot Laporta made a direction for Barca in the coming time. It was La Masia
Laporta plans clearly in bringing Barca back. Photo: Getty. Laport's plan to take place with Barca now (lost Messi, serious debt) is the fact that Laporta has experienced in the first term as Chairman Barca (2003-2010). Barca also met the force crisis when the Dutch generation was seriously decreasing, dragged backwardly with Real Madrid and even Valencia in La Liga. In the article published in 2010, professors The University of London thoroughly analyzed the Plan to bring Barca back to Laporta. This plan consists of 4 important steps: prioritizing to restore competitiveness, transparency of operating activities, implementing trade campaigns in addition to competing and implementing community projects. One of the steps The most memorable Barca is to bring the words UNICEF to the chest. Throughout the history earlier, Barca decided to preserve the tradition of not performing advertising contracts. Collaboration with UNICEF in African Child Relief activities helps Barca images increase strongly, promoting the commercial value of the club. Therefore, Laporta's Barca also boldly declines the stars Foreign Affairs is not necessary to concentrate the opportunity for the talents of the La Masia oven
Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Victor Valdes, Sergio Busquets or Lionel Messi come out light, confirming the talent and stringing superstars in this time. Gerard Pique was also taken to Camp Nou. Pep Guardiola, an elite child of La Masia, surpassing becoming the best coach in the world. The professor in London analyzes Laporta considered Barca as a tool, thereby performing activities in accordance with policies According to the tradition of this team. Fitting and investing in a young training oven help Barca go to the Laporta plan. Transparency of financial activities helps fans regain faith in the leadership team, while carrying out community activities to help Barca's commercial images more beautiful.18 years later, Laporta again returned to Cuong President Barca. And the steps of this character still have the color of the plan of the past. The announcement of the team's debt, emphasized that Barca is on the right direction despite breaking up Messi, and putting faith in the LA Masia furnace It is the definitely walks of Laporta in taking the trust of the torant's gender. Barca's great launcher gave a plan to be a thing, but it realized it was another story. In 2017, the former Barca's young team coach shared with Goal: "Barca's young training thinking has changed. Now they emphasize the physical foundation, instead of the techniques". This is considered a consequence of Barca shopping innocent in Rosell and Bartomeu. Foreign players go to Barca and dilute the club's philosophy. Barca Academy Director, Jose Ramon Alexanco, understand Barca's philosophy. Photo: Getty. This makes many Barca's young team coaches continuously resigned in the last 10 years, leading to the LA Masia furnace no longer produced exhausted characters like in the past. Or if the talent appears, they are also pushed away or suffer from other clubs .Andre Onana (Ajax), Dani Olmo (RB Salzburg), Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) are unanswered stars in Barca and It is in the name of Austria Other Clubs in Europe now. In the campaign, Laporta stressed to bring La Masia to "return to Barca's backbone". However, he also promised to renew his contract with Messi and take other-name players this summer. All are not on the right track. So is there any way to believe Laporta will bring La Masia back? In fact, this is a long way. Child training is not as easy to buy a series of stars and requires success in the short term. The retention of Ronald Koeman is the country showing that Barca focuses on young players. Previous, Barca of Koeman's white hand but continuous use of young players like Pedri, Oscar Miguenza or Illaix Moriba shows The Dutchman's house is suitable for supporting the talent from the LA Masia. However, the biggest change is in the young training system. Patrick Kluivert expired the contract as a director of young training kilns in June 2021 and not renewed the contract. In 2019, Barca everlating legendary Victor Valdes from the role of Coach U19 because of conflict with Kluivert. The Dutch striker was Barca's person, like

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