Barca Is In The Worst Start In La Liga

Statistics shows, this is the season where Barca has the worst start since the season 2003/04, the season Frank Rijkaard and Lionel Messi still did not go to the team 1.HLV koeman. Ronald Koeman currently ranked 9th in La Liga BXH 2021/22 with 12 points after 7 matches. This result is as bad as Barca by another Dutch, Frank Rijkaard, Frank Rijkaard in the 2003/04 season. It is worth mentioning here, both the bad start of the past and the present above are not available by Lionel Messi in the squad

. The 2003/04 prize when Rijkaard leads Barca, Messi has not yet played Any official match. This season, Barca is in a bad start, Messi has gone (switching to PSG). Meanwhile, when Barca also owns Messi, the team always won more than 12 points at 7 heads
And yet, Barca has Messi, they also scored more goals (there are always more than 15 goals after 7 rounds) compared to only 11 goals in this season and is 5 of the 2003/04 season by Rijkaard. It is also very effective when only scoring only 1.57 goals per battle. Even Barca has 2 matches that do not score the goal against Cadiz (0-0 draw) and Atletico (lost 0-2). More worrisome for Barca when their start was not only bad in La Liga but also in the Champions League (losing two matches, reaching 6 goals and did not score any table). The failure to Bayern and Benfica will make Barca is very difficult to find tickets to the live qualifiers, but it seems that this has been their "bad habit" every time he faces strong opponents in this season.Theo Linh Khang / Bongdaplus

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