Barcelona Has Become Weak And Resigned

'The fact is like that. This is us'. Gerard Pique said that after Barcelona lost 0-3 against Bayern Munich, and for the first time in the history of failing to open the Champions League opening. The team used to have a string of 38 uneasles in the Camp Nou in European Cups to lose the third consecutive home yard. Battle, they didn't even have a shot of hit the target, which had never happened before this

. And the fact that they only punctured 3 goals, simply because the opponent didn't really want to score more goals. But this is not a unexpected collapse, nor a stumble. And that defeat, didn't even surprise anyone
Big their rivals are Bayern Munich, a top club. The last time he met 13 months earlier, Bayern went to Barca to 8 goals. All three main stone strikers in the loss of 2-8 that day Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and the latest Antoine Griezmann were gone. And in the recent match, Barca had no ANSU FATI, Ousmane Dembele, Sergio Aguero and Martin Braithwaite because of injury. Interview with after the match, Pique said: "I don't know the end of the game, Barca has 4 or 5 boys are on the field. " The exact number is three 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old. And this midfielder concludes: "Honestly, now we are no longer a candidate for the Champions League championship" .hlv Ronald Koeman completely agree with Barca's deputy team. He admitted between Barca with teams like Bayern now had a "distance" about the level. Those who dissatisfaction can look at the list of two teams
Not unjustly after the match, the first page of a newspaper in Catalunya runs "sad reality". This is the actual acceptance attitude, but the problem is elsewhere. It was a surrender psychology, instead of standing up the fight covered from before the game took place. Standing between the crowd of fans in Camp Nou, you can even feel the Cules seem to be hindging: Ah, everything is not too bad now.https: // DA-TRO-NEN-Yeu-The-Va-Cam-Chiu-3449052109.htmlai can be comforted to self-comfort that: "Although failure, but at least we don't have to lose 2-8". But this mind is like Barca already knows I can't win, and the only question is how will they lose, or have gained 1 point. This is really disappointing thing. Saying "ES lo rods" (the fact is like that) of Pique's hour as a declaration of weakness and orientation. But are you ready to accept that? And does Barca accept that I have become a small team? Everyone knows the debt of nearly 1.4 billion euros of the club. They understand why Barca must make a series of urgent measures to save the situation. In it, Messi's departure is a bad provision for the crisis, the ultimate punishment for mistakes in Bartomeu's financial management. They also understand how these measures affect the club, and are actually enough to adjust the expectations on the team. Can also find Barca is a collection of old men and children. Jordi Alba's balls now don't make anyone surprised. The erratic frequency of Sergio Busquets is also increasingly higher. While Sergi Roberto was whistling as if he was the culprit in the defeat of the team. The Cules understood that Barca bought Emerson and sold it to Tottenham, just because they didn't push the people they really wanted. sell. They also understand why the club must pick up the players in a free transfer form, but of course none of them is Erling Haaland. They must have heard Koeman complaining about all the options on public goods, and agreed with his comment that Barca was in a transfusion phase. The question was just how long this process lasted, And what is the result of the transfer? If it is an optimistic and practical person, you will know you need to be patient. Coach Koeman announced that "the team will have a completely different appearance in 4 weeks," and Pique also affirmed that he believes Barca "still has the ability to compete". And clearly, the debut of young talents like Gavi, Yusuf Demir, Alejandro Balde or Nico Gonzalez, besides the maturity of Pedri, Araujo and Eric Garcia are worthy of waiting. Barca's problem, now only The relationship between Koeman and President Joan Laporta. After the lost Bayern, Laporta posted Twitter a 30-second video to talk about the current situation. In it, he mentioned the word "patience", and three suggested the Cules "trust those who are running the club", but not once to talk about the coach. Simply because Laporta does not believe Koeman, And Koeman didn't believe laporta. In the summer, the President used to publicly admitted he only kept the Dutch coach when he couldn't find a replacement. Finally, Laporta couldn't find true and Koeman remained at his position, because the club didn't want to lose compensation. However, no one knows this forced marriage will still be extended to ever.Theo Ho Phuong / Bongdaplus

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