Baseless, But Many Lions Are Still About These Things

High school graduation exam 2021 is coming very close. For the lions, this is the most worrying time, the most impatient because the results of 12 years of book lights are on this exam. To meet luckily, many lions seek to temple, Cau Gai Pagoda and absolutely taboo the dishes, things are considered to be a lot of eggs. . This long idea said that if eating eggs will be scored 0 rounds

.Not eat bananas: Similar to the concept of banana eating will be "slipped with banana peel", leading to the exam for making good lessons. Fear of going to "secret" when doing the test so many lions also abstain from eating peanuts: Many lions of peanuts before the exam will be lost, the exam is not as good as the ink. in folk "black as ink"
So this is also a kind of foods that the lions say "no". Don't eat black bean tea: According to the Asian concept, black is one of the dark colors, not to bring or use in those important occasion. So many lions also avoid both black tea. Don't eat dog meat: eating dog meat is a taboo not to do before exam. Folk Concepts These are foods that bring blackways, so the lions also remove the menu. Duck meat: The lions also abstain from ducks because they think it is to eat. The priest was afraid to shampoo before the exam makes the knowledge drifted. Don't cut the hair: The ancient state of the haircut will affect the intelligence of the lions. So many people passed on that haircut was the absolute taboo not to do before the exam. Try to dodge this number 13 on the day of the exam

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