‘bayraktar Is Enough To Deal Russia On The Black Sea’

With only non-drowned aircraft flyers Bayraktar TB2, the Ukrainian Navy can fully deal Russia on the Black Sea.Theo Forbes, Bunchraktar is a newly purchased by the Ukrainian Navy for 30 years. The appearance of UAVs is produced by Turkey, which is reported that Ukraine's defense plan can undergo fundamental changes with the modern platform. Bayraktar aircraft are controlled with radio waves possible reaching a height of 8,200 meters, flying continuously within 24 hours, while carrying 140 kg of high precision led bullets. A Bayraktar is only about 1 million USD, the price is very suitable for the national budget for a modest defense like Ukraikne

. Bunchraktar aircraft. Ukraine military hopes that Bunchraktar plays a decisive role in the war Potential between Ukraine and Russia. By the present, the Ukrainian Air Force mainly owns the old Soviet aircraft and has been heavily lossed in the 2014 Crimea event and fighting with the militia in Donbass area
So far, the force does not The Ukrainian and Navy Navy cannot afford to buy a new driver, but the country can buy unmanned aircraft. Kiev ordered dozens of unmanned aircraft Bayraktar in 2019. It is clear that the intention of using Bayraktar deals with Russia on the Black Sea, earlier in July, 2021, the TB2 carries the number of 401 and 402 to fly together Through the black sea near Odessa. At that time, NATO and Ukraine were focusing on the name Sea Breeze 2021 right in that area. Wait Kyiv Post revealed, the leaders of the country believe that the depletion of large amounts of warships in the Black Sea are inappropriate, Because these warships may not exist long in the Russian Black Sea Fleet, instead of Bunchraktar. The UAV is produced by Turkey as a aerial component of the coastal defense system Being growing of the Ukrainian Navy, can prevent Russian activities in the Black Sea. The Purchasing and Operating Purpose of Ukraine has been very clear, however, how do these UAVs can complete To be dutied by dealing with the strong Russian fleet but on those ships owning a very strong defense system and the ultimate electronic battle system. Russian military power suggests that Ukraine needs to look In fact to know what Bayraktar does before thinking about using this UAV deal with Russia. In the conflict in Libya (from the month 2-4 / 2020), Libya National Army (LNA) shot down a total of 9 Bayraktar of Turkey near Alwashka village west of Sirte in northern Libya when backing to the Government of Libya National Agreement (GNA). During that time, at least 5 Bayraktar was shot down at the Northeastern Syria battlefield
In general, both battlefields combined, this is an unprecedented damage to the Turkish army's UAV force. With the actual combat capacity of Bunchraktar when only facing LNA's air defense and Syria can see that Ukraine uses this UAV to deal with Russia's mighty fleet is a problem without a solution. Nearly notes that both LNA and Syrian air defense are all evaluated forces equipped Less and more backward than Russia. Realistic acceptance, Turkish defense industry Bahri Mert Demirel said, using UCAV in this way "introduced a new military doctrine Not only in Turkey but also in world war history "when mentioning the purpose of using UCAV on the battlefield, Demirel said that the aerial attack robot is not mainly used for aerial hospital Nearly, in addition they are also used to collect intelligence and electronic signals and support other air force forces.

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