Be Tricked For Believing In The ‘experts To Save Love’

The guy named Ming wanted to 'love from the beginning' after being cut off by a girlfriend. So he went to the group of self-proclaiming an enthusiastic consultant.0: 00/3: 02 NAMNAM NAMNAM 23-year-old from Hebei province (China) paid 1,000 yuan ( 155 USD) for a "Savior love" online service on the WeChat social network and they promise to help improve Ming's relationship. But then a few days later, the representative of this chat group was silent, only love Ming Bridge needs to pay extra for additional services. Then he realized he was deceived

. Illustration: Sixthtoneming shared: "I was very desperate because my girlfriend, I was dating for a long time, suddenly didn't want to talk anymore. At first, they talked like psychologists, analyzed my relationship and gave some suggestions, making me illusion that they could really help themselves. "Ming's story is currently the status Tend to develop in many cities in China, where frauds often take advantage of romance and suffering, causing many people to lose money
Many days come to dating services. - Artwork: Internet with promises to solve different issues, a group of 69 who have just been caught has recently deceptive more than 500 individuals, collecting huge amounts of 7 million yuan. closely said the group operates under the cover of an educational consulting consulting and advertising services related to emotional counseling. They charge a fee of 2,880 to 12,800 yuan for advice, while enticing customers paying additional service fees.Ming confirms that he has reviewed with "love consultant group" via messages. Some conversations showed that this group gave Ming tips like how to look more attractive in women's eyes. One of such advice is to shape at a cafe with a macbook, as they say, is to prove he has a good job. When the reporter connected with this consulting group on Wechat, closed False potential customers who want to advise on how to develop relationships with a friend, they immediately offer a fee of 1,800 yuan for the 1: 1 consultation session with a lesson invitation to help this person Becoming a lover.Wechat of this group, with a representative image is an elegant youth in a black suit, describing some stories within that they have helped customers pursue people in dreams or make people Love back after breaking up. "The girlfriend's girlfriend loved others, but it could still ask her to go out successfully after our guidance," is one of the posts of this group
"Now they have come back together. Use the wrong method of making only two friends farther away from each other - only the right way to make love back," this post continues. With the birth of Online dating services, many single souls have switched to using applications on mobile devices. More and more users - including older people - Go to matchmaking services, without Know that they are likely to be tricked money. The scammers zoned the object to approach mostly students, single employees or older men and women "remaining" with the promise They found a suitable partner. In the meantime, the young people like Ming are willing to spend a lot of money rescue love, and continue to become prey for scammers. Ming names are very sad Sau after the incident, he said: "They chose to chose those who desire love like me. They not only took my money but also robbed my hope of love." Truc Phuonge Six thtone

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