Beams: An Interesting Saigon With An Angoon From The Air In The Days Of Distance

Entering the days of socializing the social way, Saigon is absent from the car, full of peace.02: 00/1: 52 Southern region before the situation of stressful epidemics, Ho Chi Minh City will continue to spreading socially in the spirit of Directive 16. This is a phase that poses many challenges for the city, to bring people to the people back to "normal new". In the days of stressful epidemic, the quiet street, the sidewalk is absent , the park only has a whispering sound of the leaf tree, who remembers Saigon more. Going here, the photographer Ngo Tran Hai An posted a set of Saigon he loves from in the air in the days of distance

. The set of photos immediately attracted the interest of the network community. I notes about their series: "The days of fake news, bad news too much, adding disease is still tense so everyone is worried Europe tired. Come on anything I am not avoided, and I am willing to face and attempts to pass
Then find what positively to see the life is still beautiful. Share with everyone an interesting Saigon with an angle of view From the air in the days of distance ways. See to see Saigon prosperous flowers also sometimes still be safe, so romantic, so romantic. So our mission is to fight fiercely, leave Heavenly rain was in the morning, after my pandemic to move again. "Photos can make people over because of enjoyment. Every corner of the street, the road, bridge, residential area, the park ... of Saigon looks strange when looking from .
. in the middle of the past day, the city residents began to be familiar with the beat Live "in a place". Therefore, the Saigon moments do not cross the ball, the roads are laddered, the avenue is absent from the ball ... caused people to remember this city more, despite being in her heart. On social networks, some people have left memorable memories, special emotions with Saigon.- Remember Saigon too. Nearly two months and then only around the house, "craving to be stuck," and hear the voice laughing. Saigon rapidly! - Thank you for the moments that I have put your heart soothing. The epidemic is too tense, I watch Saigon Binh Yen!

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