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The guitar (write me) is the instrument that is too familiar to people. In Vietnam, whether it appears not long, but the guitar has become a common instrument in stage performances, or at parties, meetings, at sitting alone.0: 00/3: 55 Southern leads to me. Internet photo There are literary materials, guitars that come from Spain, however, Spain is only a place for this instrument to be completed and developed. Performing we have time to play at the Royal Palace, But gradually removed for a while because it said that the average people also played this instrument

. As many other string instruments, the recording is also said to be derived from the bow, explained when the bow Being stretched and sagging again, creating resonance. However, it was just a hypothesis.Wikipedia's copy: "The word" guitar "originates from the letters of Cithara
The first guitar probably appeared in Egypt and Babylon from 1000 years before BC. Through many changes, it was invaded by the Army Army to Europe around the 8th century and developed brilliantly in the 14th century, especially in Spain. It is not known from Guitra to appear in Spain since when. However, during the 14th century, there were two types of instruments called Guittara as the Guittara Latina and Guttara Morisca took a unique position in the country of bulls ".Antonio de Torres Jurado." Antonio de Torres Jurado (13 months 6 years 1817 in Almería, Andalucía - November 19, 1892) is a guitar manufacturer and a Spanish guitar musician, and is the "most important Spanish guitar manufacturer of the 19th century. Thanks His design of new classical guitares was born. Most acoustic guitars used today are the variations of his designs ". One other source from Viet Thuong adds about guitar:" The first hypothesis says that the ancestor of today's string instruments comes from the hunting bow. When shooting, the bow cord emits sounds, and the ancient man accidentally discovered that interesting thing, according to the time Time, with aesthetic feeling, to meet the demand for mental life, people make a step switch function by adding some wires to the arc
This is probably the basis First, the ancient people created the ancient trees more than one wire. These ancient trees are hancing or lia (Lyre) with ten rims XIII, in Spain, there are two types of guitars and guitar latina that its shape is like taking us today. Internet Photo Archaeology France, during the excavation process also found a drawing of Chromagnon prehistoric people in Lascaux Cave with a person holding a music bow trees today about 4,000 years. These materials are both realistic, both conjectured or pragmatic and very pragmatic, but accordingly, many researchers consolidated their opinions, said that trees are also formed on the muscle. That Department. The second hypothesis, based on the stone statue of the ancient Egyptian Hittite 4,000 years in P.CN, the drawing shows that a musician standing on the neck kithara. From this basis, some researchers said that guitar from here to form, and it belongs to the musical instrument branch. So the logs appear from ancient times, then have to go through a lot of time with the continuous improvement of people, to reach the level of perfection like today. The third hypothesis is contrary to the two hypotheses, arguing that the logs are made completely separately, do not have to go through many changes to complete. By TK XIII, in Spain there are two types of herds: Guitarra and Guitarra Latina that its shape is like taking us today. The above three hypothes showed that we were the type of collar, it was derived from Europe, not coming from Asian countries. Today, write us shaped like figure 8. Female need for 19 keys. Resonance boxes are created by two sides of the flexible hole in front. 6 strings with the sounds: Mi - la - Thrổi - Xon - Xi - Mi is screwed by locks (at the beginning of the flarette) and horses (at the end or the second half of the resonance box). Write us in countries with the names: Ketharah (Dan De in old Babylon), Kithara (Greece, Egypt), Kuitra or Gitar (Netherlands), Gitaar (Poland), Kitara (Tiep), Chitara (Italy), Gitarre (Germany), Guitare (France) ... ". Vu (TH)

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