‘beat Box’ And Fast Experience Huawei Watch 3: Splek Design, Many Good Features

Huawei Watch 3 Own good-looking design language with leather material, durable stainless steel frame, with ESIM support made independent calls and impressive battery life. Huawei has just officially introduced High-end smart watch products WATCH 3 SERIES IN VIETNAMESE MARKET. This is a sleek smartwatch, aimed at the user who loves the classic phase and modern strokes, as well as a smartwatch with a long battery life. After the following, you read it with Saostar "Beat the box" and Experience the Huawei Watch 3 to see what Huawei has brought about what its new generation smartwatch! The first is about the case, Huawei still retains the style of shaping box square with pretty elegant and beautiful designs. Inside the box outside the main character Huawei Watch 3 is a manual and white charging base is neatly wrapped

. About the main character Huawei Watch 3, Huawei's TV smartwatch is The combination of smart watches and designs of traditional watches. With circular 3D curved glass watch face design in the edges and the rust-resistant border frame section, Huawei Watch 3 gives the person wearing a classic feeling and is modern but also very smooth .Huawei Watch new generation equipped with AMOLED touch screen has 466 x 466 pixels, PPI 326, 1
43 inch diameter. The actual experience shows this screen for sharp visibility, vivid colors. You can easily control this device with the touch screen, knob at the side of the hip and the physical button in the direction 4 Now on the right. This button for quick feedback, you can press continuously to control the clock without slipping with any difficulties when manipulating. By turning the knob, you can roll Up menu of applications on the screen, zoom in to minimize views and adjust the volume. The product also supports a few simple hand gestures, such as: holding hands and releasing hands to receive calls or rotate the wrist to mute the call. The left edge does not have a glossy button . Frame from stainless steel not only brings luxury, but also for a gentle, durable and heat-resistant feeling.Huawei Watch 3 comes with 30 pre-installed watch face interface, including Including animated animated watch face. If desired, users can choose from over 1,000 designs available on Huawei Watch Face Store, or personalize their own animated watches on the short videos from 5-10 seconds from electricity Voice
The machine is finished from a soft ceramic to help the product with sleek, skin-friendly skin-friendly and allergic reductions. Thanks to equipped with a new temperature sensor, Huawei Watch 3 can monitor skin temperature, health monitoring such as heart rate, SPO2, sleep and pressure, ... products also integrate more than 100 set modes train with 19 professional modes dedicated to indoor and outdoor sports activities and 85 custom set modes. With independent connection support, users only need to enable eSim service on the phone as It was possible to call, play music and download applications on Huawei Watch 3 without connecting to the phone, while still using its current phone number.Huawei Watch 3 is equipped with a virus structure Dual reason, help improve performance and for more balanced processing capabilities. Combined with smart energy saving algorithm 3.0, the clock can support 24/7 health and physical monitoring for many days. Products have a battery life up to 3 days in smart and 14-day mode in super-saving battery mode. It is known that Huawei Watch 3 Series will have a price of 12,990 million for the Pro version, 9.99 million with Silicon wire versions and the leather strap version of 10,990 million. Nhut Nam - CTV

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