‘beat Covid-19, Ho Chi Minh City Can Only Use Community Power’

Over the past few days, around me there are too many beautiful stories, too many smiles that are besides the words of coal breathing. The epidemic threatens the community and to beat it can only use community power instance.02: 00/6: 50 nam1. In this showbiz, no one does not know how singer Ngoc Son loves her mother. When three died, he removed for a while to stay next to his mother

. He used to be this age, unmarried because "no wonderful woman like her mother". If there is a birth decision, the only person he wants to hear is his mother. If the morning, the road doesn't know so wearing sandals or wearing shoes, the first person he asked was his mother
If he had to go to bewildered with only one person, he could only be his mother.Hai before, Mr. Ngoc Son died, but he was unable to stay with her linh in the quarantine. He was not a rare person who could not stay next to his relatives in the moment they got the last breath. Many people lose their fesiants, mother, grandparents, but there is no way about being trapped in the quarantine area, because Directive 16 makes the aircraft and long-distance vehicles no longer active. Funers who have been sad, now they are more loud because of epidemics. On my facebook, a female friend posted a look at the tang towel on his head, sorry for unable to see his mother's face in the countryside last time. Ms. Dinh Thi Kim Phan, who was likened to "Bodhisattva between humanity", spent a sense of blood to teach them for children with cancer in the cancer hospital, panicked when or the hospital will be displayed Applying to treat Covid-19. Children who are treating will be transferred to facility 2 in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
The classroom full of anniversary of "Doan non-hairless soldiers" will be reinforced. The chalk has done the possibility of being able to open books in the room home. She hoped someday, the class will be opened again. The other children will be happy to meet their books and friends. In the pile of books, there are many books forever stopping at half or a few first pages. "I look forward to the disease and about kites with you," I remember the word, of a boy now went through the side Kia life. She kept it over. The person died, but the memory of the little angels deserved to live. Kitchen diets Thanh Nien city social work center (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) every day provides 80,000 diets for blocked areas. The number of isolation is increasingly crowded, but the number of cooks cannot increase for compliance with Directive 16. Cam Nhung is one of those who carry the backpack to leave the camp on the kitchen. She tightened the chicken so much that her fingers swollen, seriously hurt almost narrowly to have a finger of his fingers. "Five superman brothers" because of the ability to cut chicken from 6 am to 12 hours night. The exhaustion forgot to eat but still hardened because "I didn't do it anyone." The spirit of commitment, cannot be unforgivated. The members of the Go Vap District Women's Union, Ho Chi Minh City cooks free rice for people in blockade areas. Photo: Truong Thanh Tung4. Tooctila, my friend, reading the information on the group about an old lady selling lottery tickets to help in Thu Duc city where he lived, he could not float. The house remains a rice bag, he wears a sealed clothes, Cosplay a person who runs Grab as directed to find her. "A sick old lady, short hair scabies", according to him Description. But the most terrible thing is not the appearance of the old lady but the scene where she lives: "A poor neighbor of the elderly Such numbers ". He hooked all the bags, one million. Hanh tried to split money for two other lottery sellers, four, five others pulled. He turned away. Go home, he asked a poet, his friend, returned there, with more rice and more money. People who sell lottery lottery thanks to the wandering on the street, now they have to stay in the houses without doors, do not have a wall, how do they live. Look at that situation, what heart is born? In the poor group of people he met when he came back, one she had a down-down sick. There are people they suffer to the end, but Covid-19 still throws them a challenge.5. Being Ngoc Kim Thao, my other friend, the owner of the hotel and the owner of the "hearing hit" on social networks, before moving a day Post a dozen photos, occasionally throwing videos according to Trend calls "Mr. Ba Dan" do Half Male in Friendlist dumpled "Oh" wants to faint. This way on the wall is only all accounts and rice. From a few hundred figures, the kitchen timer cooked 1,200 rice every day. Salty cooks are not enough, they also cook both vegetarian rice for practitioners and vegetarians. Thank you Long Dang on the street, but don't give up because she sees to see people who see the green trash and see food The whole village sitting and chewing the hard pieces of cakes, saw a mother who cried only because his child was volunteered to eat sausage trees.Hay in the group witnessed a woman who was elected eight months and raising Five-year-old daughter in unemployment. Bring rice to invite you to eat new or under her country ... nine-year-old child and a mother living on the salary she sent. The five-year-old girl woke up, she told him to sleep again, noon got up because there was a c

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