Beat ‘dry Blood’ In The Inn: Angry Wife Slapped The Face Of Her Husband, Struggling Hair Tearing

Working night shifts on discovering husbands with a love of 'howling' in the early morning, the wife was angry with the triangle slapped the face of her husband and cottage. The society spread the clip recorded the scene of the wife floating to explode when working on the night shift on the discovery of the Faith Night with the "Hun" in the inn. According to shared, the incident was recorded by people around the residents in Bac Ninh and shared online. Rich, we cannot use money to buy happiness, let's try to create happiness for both. Growing, I went to the room, I saw him with the mother in the room

. It was a lifetime, when peacefully forgot the oathes in storms ". With the Status line, the clip records the case to happen at A row of inns. The wife went to work every month this month, her husband in the room to get a sleeping love
She came back so soon caught her husband and affairs in the room. The wife who held a stick pointed with a large face to question her love, "a month, a month a month of a month I borrowed anything? Ask me? Why are you eavesdropping with my husband. People have not woken up and have come to the room ". In addition to the corridor for all the "inns" in the inn saw the face. Then, the wife constantly pulled the girl's hair told the person below, "TFT Finished the couple I'm sleeping and I'm looking for. I don't know each other after ". Seeing that, the girl was thought to be a mistress of childhood, "I have nothing" I have nothing ". This wife is really mad, rushing into her hair, slapping straight face:" Nothing comes, You know what my husband's room? " The wife was given jealousy, immediately slapped her husband "burning cheeks". The two couple shoved, tearing each other 1 when it makes a motel to rescue. The woman is said to be the owner of the inn to prevent the wife from leaving the other person to leave, "Listen to me say this , now it is reported that the police, you hit it, you will also die
My couple came up here to ask me, calm down. I have your child, I hit it, do it have to do it? ". But the wife still firmly let the girl leave: "I don't think anything now". Can ask it. You don't hear that you call the police. wrong or not, you have to teach your husband. I have my husband to hold her husband, teach her husband. Know! " After that, the innkeepers asked to ask all the way to solve to not affect others. Currently, the clips of the incident are still spreading on social networks and causing many people to ceil.

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