Beat The ‘most Civilized Solar System’, The Wife Was Came To The Net And The Beard At The Scene Commission

Although I met with my husband directly, the wife was calm, calling her, teaching me, talking to be extremely kind to Ms. Bo. Even after talking, the wife also wants to carry the 'cottage' to the room and promise to do anything in the field of: 00/2: 39 nam nuoi nam here on social networks have appeared information, shaped The image shared about a jealousy that makes everyone surprised by the wife's civilization and civilization. The wife talks very standard, not shocking, swearing with your husband's house. Luc Ngan District, Bac Giang Province, Ms

. "Xiao Tam" is Lang Son Province.Theo Information and Sharing Clip, the wife discovered her husband for a long-lasting pair, the wife repeatedly texted a prompt But the situation continues. The peak, the husband still tattooed all day, month, and year of birth of the "cottage" on his hand
The wife was extremely pressed because the girl who was happy of her family broken. Therefore, she called to talk to her husband and went to seek "Tam" directly to talk to the left. After the waiting time, the wife met "Xiao Tam". The 2-year-old wife even called her, teaching me with her. It was extremely pressed, angry but the wife still kept calm, Even this wife also called her, confesses me with her husband and not a spiking, swearing. In the clip of the wife always keeping calm from the beginning to the end to talk to the decree and ask She stopped the unheign relationship: "Do you stop now?", I asked. "She also wanted to stop but he didn't listen, she also said but I think you said ! " Ms. Bo said. "It's because I beat me, because I just called you a phone call, it hit the other phone on my head, he beat me. Because do you know? I have a long time, I'm not calm, I'm not calm, I'm losing my face long ago, I just looked at my face today, "she said
" Tam "was evaluated. kick "more. In the clip, the calmness of the wife also receives the approval of the beards who stand watching the case. Some people take a praise of a very gentle wife, talking to her kindness and she is more attitude. "Very tired, enduring for several months is good. If it's another person who gave you a match. That's crazy, I just want to let you know that today I have a sister, I can catch you, I should know a little bit. I have a message with you and say no scolding at all. Just hope that life is normal. I know this is not beautiful at all ... ", the wife said. After the story of the story, the wife also offered" the Tam "to the room and promised to do anything. After, the men At the scene, she advised her wife and her "Xiao Tam" to slowly resolved the incident. It was noticed, after talking, the wife was even want to carry her "Tam Tam" to the room to help Having to walk. After being posted, the incident attracted great attention of public opinion. Most people support, praise the wife who has kept calm, do not push the incident too far. Some people think that the wife is so gentle with her "cottage". The case is still attracting great attention of public opinion.

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