Beautiful Cemeteries Like The Park

Although unofficial is the tourist destination, but the beauty of the place 'resting souls' attracts many visitors. Okunoin cemetery, Japan Https: // Okunoin page Okunoin on Mount Koya is dubbed the Buddhist Saint and this place is also the most sacred pilot point of the land of the sun. Okuno-in is the largest cemetery of this region with 500,000 tombstones and over 10,000 lanterns "never turns off"

. It has many tombstones of great celebrities in Japanese history such as Oda Nobunaga or Kirin's founders, Nissan, Toyota. You can take a walk during the day, but most tourists and practitioners Onions choose the evening or early morning, the part because of the light at that time plus the sound of wind, insects, almost bringing people into a wonderful peaceful feeling. Cementirul vesel cemetery, chilehttps: //dulich With more than 2 million tombs, Cementerio General cemetery is considered to be the largest cemetery of South America and famous for colorful large flower pots, sculpture statues wonderful. Although there are some damaged areas that need to be renovated, but visitors can still satisfy the optical label with the rich areas with a unique architecture like the pyramids and villa collections Small.3. Pere Lachaise cemetery, Paris, Francehttps: // is a place to burial celebrities like singer Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde writer, Painter Delacroix. This is also the largest cemetery of Paris with over 70,000 tombs. What is especially the Parisians always see this place like a green park to relax and rest.4
Highgate cemetery, United Kingdom This page is located in northern London, founded in 1839 in the plan to build a large 7 graveyard in London as "Seven Wonders - Magnificent Seven". The highgate graveyard is divided into two western and eastern regions, separated by a shady small road named Swains Lane. So far, about 170,000 people have rested in this graveyard. In addition to the tombs that are brought up, Highgate are also famous as a nature reserve with a lot of ancient trees, shrubs, wildflowers, a shelter of many birds, squirrels, foxes and foxes.5 . Green-Wood Cemetery, New York, Mỹ Https: // is a large cemetery, about 478 acres, with many ponds with extremely interesting space. In 2006, this cemetery was officially honored to be national historical history. The area is also a place took place a history of Long Island in 1776. Cemeteries opened visitors to walk every day.6. Waverley Cemetery Cemetery in Sydney, AustraliaHttps: // The edge of the cliff along the famous coastal road in the middle of Bronte and Clovelly beaches in the eastern suburbs of Sydney city. White stone tombs in Waverley are facing the sea in green and poetic colors to create a great peaceful space. Huong

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