Beautiful Dawn Hunting At The Earliest Sunshine In Vietnam

Double-nose not only has beautiful natural landscapes but also a place to welcome the earliest dawn of a new day on the shaped land strip of SQ.0: 00/2: 12nam northern couples in the village of the polisher, located Hoa in Van Phong Bay, Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, about 80 km from Nha Trang City by National Highway 1A to the North, and about 35km from Tuy Hoa City (Phu Yen) in the South. (Photo: @damductu) Previously, Mui Dai Lanh (Phu Yen) was considered to be the winter point of our country, even if it also had a large milestone to "where the first dawn of Vietnam Male". However, when the double nose (Khanh Hoa) was discovered, it was based on coordinates to recognize that this is exactly the winter point of the country on the mainland.Theo metrics, double nose Dawn is 4 seconds earlier

. At this position, a stainless steel tip was attached on August 4, 2012 to make pole landmarks. Besides, the journey goes to a double nose and has a lot of time, much harder than the Cathedral. However, this is a place where young people love dust to conquer
If moving the road, from Dam Mon, you will have to overcome the harsh road with 4km of hot sandy hill and About 7km of mountain forest roads to double nose. Coming to the east, not just to an attractive place but also the opportunity to challenge themselves. After passing more than 2km of desertematoms are high mountains before your eyes. There are 4 mountains that you have to overcome when it comes to a couple of Cat Tham mountains, grass, shrimp streams, and beaches. Attached to the mountain, full of steep, filled grass and grass with sharp spikes. (Photo: @ Have you ever climbed the sand to fill the stone? Double nose is an opportunity to let you experience it, dehydration and loss of improvisation right from the first stage. Trekking with a double nose despite you tired but gives many unforgettable impressions. (Photo: @Toong_Adventure) (Photo: @ iamp2t) on the way out to the easternery you will be fully undergoed with emotional levels, from these The sandy road was hot until the ravices were alternating under forest trees and then in front of beautiful coastal roads
You will also have to jump and wriggle under the cliffs to be able to come to extreme points. Overall it is extremely interesting and full of experience. (Photo: Ly Nguyen) If you don't want to lose too much, choose to move by boat from sand hills to beach. If you are not enough to climb the sand hill, you can take a boat right from Dam Mon to the beach. After a night of rest at the beach, early the next morning, you just need to overcome the rock about 2km to go to the first duel to welcome the first dawn. The sun every time a bright redness, surrounded that the pink clouds made the scene more poetic, beautiful to love. The way to conquer the east will not be less hard and tired, but once standing on the body Large rocks in the sea to welcome the first sun rays on the S-shaped land are feeling joyful. More meaning, this is the journey to discover yourself and surpass yourself. (Photo: @ 15.meost) (Photo: Ly Nguyen) Cersei (General)

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