Beautiful Sa Pa Terraced Fields

The terraced fields in Sa Pa Town (Lao Cai) are formed from the diligent hands of the farmer of ethnic minorities with the high mountains around the Huang Lien Son Rongs. : 26 Southern countries in May and June every year, when the rains of the summer, it was when the highland relatives dropped to the culture of a new season. And this is also the time when the terraced fields are now filled with water with the wonderful beauty of the water season. Beautiful ladder broad plots in Sa Pa seasoning season. Highland people cultivate rice on terraced fields On the ranges of Hoàng Liên Sơn Hùng Vi

.nan Dao Dao Dao Dao, the land of rice culture. The ladder is mixed with the roofs in Ta Van Commune, Sa Pa Town (Lao Cai). Scenes of the highland season
Applying soil machines on terraced fields. SA PA ladder (Lao Cai) is classified as the most beautiful terraced fields in the world, voted by British Telegraph. Graphic Sa Pa. According to Manh Ha - Dang Khoa / People's Newspaper

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