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Vuong Understanding the 2nd time entangled the secret rumors of marriage to Renecus Ho Ca. She denied.Sina reported that social networks recently spread news Ho Ca secretly married to actress Vuong Than in Shanghai (China). She is less than 6 years old. Relatives, friends and colleagues in the world know about their relationship

. Temporarily a pair of stars are not publicly available with communications and fans. The representative of Ho Ca immediately disconnected: "fake. Don't spread the rumor"
The Kingdom of God also rejects. 2 years ago, the duo actor caught the same rumors. Ho Ca and Vuong Than Than each cooperate in the two projects. In 2005, they closed his muscles. The act of performing the role of Quach Tinh, and understood his mother-in-law on his film. In 2015, they were officially charming on the screen with a beautiful day of the day. Every 1988 students, graduated from Shanghai Cinics Academy. She besuted with art from 3 years old. Works Wang Than Than Every Participant Can Mention To Dong Pha, Mai Khoi Gian Lake, Times Two Father, Hero Spirits (plays the role of Dong Ta Hoang Pharmacy), Happy Story, Still Not Enough .
. Wang understood with delicate beauty, Five harmony. In 2019, she had been entangled on dating with Ly Spirit during the time of turning the story in the Western City of Beijing. At that time, both did not give feedback. Ca Sac was born in 1982. He had a clean private life, rarely stuck Scandal. The actor once had a dating with many famous colleagues such as condensing periods, giang preached or Thien Kim Lam understood. After affectionate sections without ending, Ho Ca is still a charming single gentleman of showbiz. Recently, actors entangled married to Liu Yifei, reunited with his old girlfriend condensing the condenser, but all in denial.

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