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Currently, cosmetics are widely used in our country. Everyday on media (TVs, radio, newspapers, magazines ...) Have many advertisements about cosmetic types

.0: 00/3: 44 male cosmetics types including perfume, lipstick, chalk, cream makeup, eyes, lotion, nail polish, pedicure, hair dye, anti-armpit cosmetics, anti-wrinkle skin, face skin ..
can be said that cosmetics Has become an indispensable part in the lives of women and men. There are many types of cosmetics of many famous companies in the world and the region, each of the companies is aimed at individual customers. The most common dermatologist cosmetic discharges, cosmetics Must be something that can be used carefree, they can cause many accompanying users. The most common variable current includes: cosmetic allergic dermatitis: - Red skin expression, can see red nodules, sometimes small blisters on the skin, people with allergy can itch or Itchy much, or a feeling of extreme face vampany is very uncomfortable. This is a common expression and also appears quite early when used, which is caused by cosmetic dermatitis. This reaction may be encountered due to the types of cosmetics that are high-class cosmetics. No allergies can be used. New cosmetics on the face in the arm (illustration) - Treatment: The best way is to continue using that cosmetics. It is possible to go to the hospital or dermatological hospitals to test allergy tests. Can apply anti-allergic drugs such as corticoid creams, but not applied for a long time and abuse because this drug will cause many accidents such as corticosteroids, causing eggs
.. Treatment needs to follow only The doctor's definition to the disease and does not leave a unfortunate sequelase for the skin. Cosmetic fishing: This is also a common disease. Fish eggs may appear early when used but may be late after a few weeks, even monthly. Many studies show some cosmetics with acne (comedongenic), further some unknown cosmetics can add corticosteroids into the composition of cosmetics. A fish eggs are difficult to treat, sometimes there are strong outbreaks causing pus, large egg coats. Patients often have to be closely monitored and for a long time, even every year. Fish egg treatment (illustration) Other damages caused by cosmetics can be peak, pigmentation, dry skin, Vasodilators, damaged skin and increased touch with sunlight, skin are aging. Then the skin is no longer fresh, losing gloss, reducing elasticity and wrinkled. This can be seen in many cosmetic users early when very young and not adequately consulted in choosing cosmetics suitable for their skin, do not remove true and no skin care and restore regime Function of skin. Face and exactlywise properly recommend using a doctor's safe cosmetics to limit and avoid unwanted harms, when buying cosmetics to pay attention to quality, should be purchased at the store Having a business license has just assured real goods, guided by reasonable use. The product must be suitable for your skin, oily skin, dry skin or mixed skin. Use cosmetics depending on the season, by time Details and cosmetics for other daytime weekdays; According to the circumstances of living and working of each person, according to age ... when using us, we also need to know that cosmetics can cause tanning, allergens, some people with eggs, fur inflammation ... need Choosing a cosmetics with the treatment of the treatment of cosmetics caused by cosmetics is often difficult and must be experienced by dermatologists in this field to visit and restore skin for patients. Treatment needs to combine very closely between doctors and patients to get good results. Currently, in addition to drugs and products for skin recovery, there are modern technologies such as lasers, treatment by platelet-rich plasma plasma (PRP) ... Currently, in addition to drugs and products to recover Leather, also have modern technologies (illustration) diet, living and working moderation, ensuring skin hygiene, ensuring sleep and comfortable spirit are decisive factors for one beautiful skin. Cosmetics must be used suitable for each person and need to have knowledge of cosmetics. See more videos are paid attention to:

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