Beauty Is Liken To The World Of Hot Bikini World

Owning extremely flourishing and sexy body, Kelly Brook always makes people unable to take their eyes every time a swimsuit.0 game.0: 00/1: 28 nam nam nay here, the network community "digs" series of samples, acting Kelly Brook's famous British and MC on vacation with a 6-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Parisi in Phuket (Thailand) ago 2 years ago The 1979 was born in 1979 wearing a black bikini, bellying white skin and shape The couple continues to show salty affection ..

And the lips are passionate together. At the age of 42, the beauty of the mist no longer retains the toning body at the top of the beauty, when She owns 3 rounds: 99-63-91 (cm) with a height of 1m68 and has never been through aesthetic surgery. Therefore, she was confirmed by the researchers from the University of Texas (USA) with the most perfect body index in the world with and dubbed the beauty of "the 8th term" of mankind. Come here, the 42-year-old beauty is increasingly fat, but she said it still feels confident about his body. Mother and boyfriend Many motivates she tries to practice eating science to lose weight and hold Health as well as physique. Through 4 love affairs, every time canceling kissing 2 times causing the Sexy Symbol 7x is no longer salty with marriage. Sharage on the recent media, she said there is no plan Married and gave birth to a boyfriend. "I feel married and children are not what I want. I like to travel and stay with lover .
. There are so many things I love, and I think marriage and children will prevent me Doing those things, "she said.

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