Beauty Refrigerator Is An Unnecessary Investment

Many skin care products can withstand temperature conditions that are too cold or hot in a short time. But this should not be applied for a long time.02 / 2: 28 South regionsFast the spread on social networking platforms, beauty refrigerators emerged and attracted the interest of beauty communities. It is a miniature device, with less than one liter capacity. As the name, it is often used to contain lotion, serum, masks

... The purpose of the refrigerator beauty is to cool the skin care products
Theoretically, it enhances absorption, performance and extension of cosmetics. So, many dermatologists believe that cosmetics should be preserved in the refrigerator. Song Sali Hughes writing Tree of The Guardian said that she should not invest in this item. The beauty of beauty has a small capacity, used to cool the skin care products. Photo: The Ofy. "There is no reason for cleansing products, exfoliation or lotion to 'live' in the refrigerator," she wrote.Sali Hughes argues still have some cases of Cham products Chilled skin care provides attractions. If your eye is swollen, chilled gel can cool and reduce this situation. If the skin is hot, a cold mineral spray can provide instant energy. Or when itchy, refrigerated cream brings a sense of gentle, pleasant
However, some components in cosmetics are sensitive to light changes, air and temperature.Paula Begoun, The founder of Paula's Choice skin care firm, also gives similar opinions. Reality, she believes that cold storage can cause reverse effects. Refrigerators can influence and damage the product formula. "Skin care products are vulnerable by extreme temperatures, even hot or cold. So cold storage will really reduce life expectancy And their stability, "Paula Begoun share. According to Sarah Hudson from Skin by Sarah Hudson, the integrity of skin care is built and tested to maintain stability at room temperature. You don't need to store Cold skin care products. Photo: Teami Blends. Molecules component are separated. The formula may be broken, temporarily becomes viscous or solid. Since then, the product does not work as the original. In fact, there are no scientific evidence that the product stored in the refrigerator can be used long or works better. If worried about the shelf life Use, you only need to store skin care products at room temperature, in the air-resistant packaging.Women's Health argues that the only moment you need to beautify refrigerators is the product specifically specified that it needs Keep cold. For example, products containing live bacteria and biological products can maintain stability and effectiveness if kept in the refrigerator. In addition, you can preserve cold tools such as crystal face, gua Sha and eye patch. This can help reduce puffiness and blood circulation. However, you need to avoid them in the freezer, which can cause burns and dermatitis. You can cool the cooling device like GUA SHA or face roller. Photo: Vogue.Nam singer applied to the face to nourish Ricky Martin's skin affirmed to apply the stone to the face to help the cheeks more Hong Hao.

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