Beauty Sublimation, Feng Shui Lucky If Choosing The Right Eyebrow Style Face

Real eyebrow designs can actually change your face as well as your life.0: 00/2: 12 nam southern men choose the type of face, not only the sublimation but sometimes You also change. With a bright harmonious appearance, you are not only beautiful but also cause sympathy for everyone around. Also, in fateful meetings, many people still 'shown' into His eyebrows Your personality. Korean horizontal eyebrows are still very popular but it is not the style suitable for every face

. Don't run in the majority, but rely on the shape of your face, round, square , Ovil ..
and choose the most appropriate eyebrow line.1. The oval face feature of the oval-shaped face consists of a broader chin forehead, clear cheekbones, narrow chin. The perfect eyebrow shape for you is a straight line up, bends a little and goes down. The most important is that you cannot leave the peak too high, the face will be lost. The round face round face will have a wide cheek area. So you should get the surround eyebrow. From the head of the eyebrows, you draw the middle and draw down. This type of eyebrow will help your face look longer. With the purpose is to make the face less round, you should avoid leaving the eyebrows too curved or horizontal
3. Long face characteristics of long faces are the width of the forehead, cheeks and equal jaw borders, plus narrow chin. The most suitable eyebrow shape with you is a straight shape. The horizontal line helps your face look shorter, looks more balanced. You are 3-part 4 from the head of the eyebrows into a straight line and draw down, use lead according to the natural shape of eyebrows. . Square face Square jaws are the most prominent feature of this face. You should be a horizontal eyebrow, but it's not a straight-line strokes that slightly bent a little. Best, you should not trim your eyebrows too thin. Let your eyebrows plump a little to the natural way to harmonize with face features.5. The heart's face is similar to the oval face but has a sharper chin. The curved eyebrow shape will bring feminine, gentle for you. The type of eyebrow you need to avoid is a horizontal line because it doesn't balance your sharp chin.6. Diamond-shaped face characteristics of this face are wide, short forehead, angled jaws. You should let your eyebrows be curved, slightly thickly in 2 parts of the eyebrows to help other lines become more soft. But you pay attention without hitting dark eyebrows. Because it will make others pay attention to your angular face.My salary - CTV

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