Beauty Tips To Prevent Aging Of Indian Stars

Indian stars prefer beauty products from nature to help skin light, limiting wrinkles.02 / 4: 18 Namhoa post-world 1994 - Aishwarya Rai - still retains the freshness even for 48 years old. The secret to her radiant skin is to regularly apply the mixture made of green bean flour, milk cream and a little turmeric. Many studies show that technology has many benefits for skin such as supporting collagen growth, anti-inflammatory and aging prevention. You should pay attention without abusing turmeric to beautify because it makes your skin with gold

. Photo: Reddit, FreshBoxx. Model, Padma Lakshmi writer is an Indian American. Even though 51 years old, she still had a spotless skin with honey
Her tip is to apply honey on your face and neck, avoid sensitive eyes. After that, you should pat the skin and rinse the face before starting the skin care cycle. Honey has many skin healing characteristics, reducing acne and inflammation. It also increases the healing speed, loses coloring and regaining fresh vitality. Photo: Courier Journal, Alsiasi. Film actor Kareena Kapoor keeps a postpartum shape by practicing yoga. In addition, she homemade masks with two tablespoons sandalwood pulp, two drops of vitamin E and turmeric oil. In case you want to moisturize, mix sandalwood powder with honey. Oil skin needs to use a mixture of sandalwood powder with rose water and a little turmeric. After applying the mask, you wait for it to dry and rinse with warm water
Sandalwood contains many beneficial features. Along with anti-inflammatory and bacterial capabilities, it can reduce pigmentation and tortoise spots, while keeping the skin bright. Photo: Inuth, Naveen Shudh Masale.Freida Pinto is Indian cinema actress but works mainly in American and British movies. She said that the key of beautiful skin is moisturizing and needs to change the beauty cycle in the weather. So on dried days, she applied coconut oil before going to bed to keep the skin moist and soft. Studies have shown coconut oil that can kill bacteria, heal wounds and scars, reduce inflammation and water retention for the skin. In addition, it also has SPF to support anti-UV for skin when using sunscreen. Photo: DNA India, Tradalaxy.hoa post world 2000 - Priyanka Chopra - always attracts the viewing view of the audience when appearing. At the age of 39, she had a secret to beautifying the skin to create a mask of exfoliation at home. She mixed a whole noodle flour with a native, a few drops of lemon juice and rose water with whole creamy yogurt to form a stable mixture. After that, the actress applied to the skin and to dry before exfoliating the skin lighter. Yogurt masks have many effects on skin, including brightening and smooth skin. You should remember only on the mask with yogurt 1 time / week. Photo: Alux, Sandesh.Nam 2000, Lara Dutta became Miss Universe. Her beauty secret to have a beautiful skin is supplementing vitamin D every morning by sunbathing. In the case of pimples or inflammation, she will use aloe vera gel to massage. Skin care studies show that motels have a lot of good features to beautify. It heals skin by reducing acne, inflammation and sun injury. Photo: Lara Dutta Bhupathi, Emedihealth. The actor Malaka Arora has a toned body and the skin does not stain at the age of 48. She said her beauty thanks to regular yoga. In addition, she used exfoliating the whole body by mixing coffee grounds, brown sugar and a little coconut oil. Coffee has many benefits for skin like reducing cellulite and dermatitis. Studies show that it can even prevent skin cancer. Photo: Malaika Arora, Grateful.Anhka Sharma is a model and actor 33 years old from India. Her skin care tips are crushing bananas to massage all over people. You can choose a bath now or leave for a few minutes to make the skin brighter. Some studies show that the benefits of bananas include anti-aging properties, correct wrinkles, lighten skin and have anti-aging properties. Photo: Anushka Sharma, BBC Good Food.Sushmita Sen crowned Miss Universe in 1994 when he was 18 years old. Although she is now 46 years old, he retains smooth skin thanks to a mixture of masks from green bean flour mixing milk cream. For masks, you should apply in 5-10 minutes before washing. This self-made mask can exfoliate skin because of lactic acid in ice cream and zinc of green bean flour to eliminate acne, adding radiance. In addition, milk cream also supplements moisture for skin, preventing wrinkles and dry conditions. Photo: Sushmitita Sen, Reddit.Nam singer rolling on the face to nourish Ricky Martin skin claims to apply the stone to the face to help the cheeks more pink.

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