Because Of The Incident Ngo Yorni – Truong Phi Tr Trich, The United States Must Sign A Clean Personality

Not only the most king who the artist under the Hunan Radio must sign a guarantee, compliance with the moral value.0: 00/1: 20 namngôngô hinh pham, Truong Trieu Term, huoc tri The image of the entertainment artists falls miserably. The opinion asked questions that having a young artist with positive energy, the moral personality deserves a mirror to follow it? Therefore, the entertainment industry needs a "revolution" thoroughly eliminating bad artists, especially for Grade A stars with high-rise sand in recent years. Energy purification translation, Hunan TV station asked the artist to sign a commitment, and the king mostly became the first flow artist publicly promised. On August 17, Radio Hunan gave a proposal, MC and artist cooperating with houses such as Ha Canh, Ta Na, Uong Ham, King Nhat Uncle,

... must sign assure and promise The way of morality is clean, has the mind with the profession and says no with dirty tricks
If you sign a commitment that artists also violate, every breakbill will definitely compensate a huge compensation for Hunan Radio. The most Pioneered King's job is one of the first to sign suggested that the guy is completely confident, and guarantees that his personality is clean, worthy of being a true artist. Ceiling instructions made fans feel extremely safe and more confident in the people of their idols.

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