Because Time Is Finite, Don’t Let The Parent Elderly In Loneliness

Do you know that deep down in your heart, parents wish our presence to know? The new Ettoday shared the story of a grandmother in Jiangxi (China). During the past 2 years, she went to the Internet shop watching TV. Every day, she was helped by the staff here, looking for the film she liked and opened the screen so that she could see it clearly. She kept sitting like that, having the day at the morning, having the day to sit all day. The Internet owner was initially unexpected because of the frequent travel of this senior woman

. He thought that he was happy, wanting to experience Tan Tien technology so it was so continuous here. But after asking for the instrument, he understood that the reason was not that, he was out, the grandmother's house was quite fake, there was a large screen TV but often none at home. Because the descendants are going to work far away, only sometimes visiting
She lusted to hear everyone's voice: "At the restaurant there are many people who go back and forth, I feel warm because of somewhat". You know that the depths are deep in your heart, your parents look forward to the presence of How do we know? The story of her grandmother to the net shop has been spread, making many people not touching. Netizens say that he must be very lonely, so he went to the net restaurant to be close to everyone. Someone commented, when reading this story they had shed tears and wanted to visit his parents immediately. In modern society, the elderly people were not or haughty, blaming their children. The elderly of modern times gradually manage his life without bothering to others. We are less likely to see their parents or ask their children to edge, visit or chat, ... but do you know that in the depths inside, they look forward to the presence of their children
About old, the most fearless thing is not a distant society, but to become a lonely, children don't need themselves. Parents can be clumsy and do not know the love show, but one thing is certain that they never stop loving their children. When aging, parents find themselves no longer have a great value in their lives as much as before. They only know where to stand in the remote view, looking forward to doing something to help and look forward to getting a little more interested, loving from the "to spend". Don't let parents old alone in lonely . The school has proved that the brain has an area called "lonely region". This lonely region is responsible for depression. When a lonely man, the amount of hormone stress cortisol will increase, accelerate blood pressure and reduce blood flow to important parts in the body, senility of immune system. Limilities not only affect the psychology but also the physical health of the elderly. The time is cruel thing and will not stand waiting for anyone. The time to realize parents' agencies is the time you should change inner. Because time is finite, accompany and care about parents - just like the childhood when parents are "stable" like Thai Son mountain - have always been interested in us. Do not let parents old alone in lonely. VC (General) Photo: Collectibles

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