Become A Great Man Before Being A Great Leader

It is one of Robin Sharma's rules mentioned. He is one of the world's leading thinkers about the leadership role in business and life. It is one of Robin Sharma's rules mentioned. He is one of the world's leading thinkers about the leadership role in business and life. Burm over 50 years, Robin Sharma silently shared with companies in the Fortune 500 list and many other super rich people About a recipe

. It helps him to become one of the most pursued leaders in the world.Robin Sharma has done this formula in a non-title leader. The character tells the character Blake Davis to take a letter at one Small library locally
He always faces psychological injuries because he participated in fierce battlefields in Iraq. Blake's work is boring and boring. Until one day he met a strange man and everything changed from here .... "Non-title leader" is a concept proposed by Robin Sharma. That spirit is realized by the soft skill system that the author sees it the most important factors in society constantly developing today. Whether you are standing at a personal level or a large organization level, lead yourself, planning and governing life yourself, must be something to think about before. Each people have a safe zone and not SAFETY, the larger people who have nearly unsafe limits will have many capabilities and have to live their lives, lives worthy of life
Robin Sharma.4 principle that Robin Sharman gives: 1. You do not need to title to lead: want to lead others to lead it first to lead themselves first.2. The chaotic period creates great characters: Don't dodge what you don't like, even fear. The more you will show the real leadership ability. Destroying old habits, thinking, never accept only living in your own safe zone.3. The deeper relationship, the stronger the leadership: Don't wait for another person to go to me first to start the relationship that is the navigation.4. To become a great leader, first become a great man: Everybody must have trained hard. To become a great person, it must be persistent and strict with yourself, giving up bad habits. In each principle, Robin Sharman points out more specific rules. For example, the 5 rules of a non-title leader include: innovation, intelligence, authentication, school cans and a very important rule: morality. The author also shows 5 rules to create a great character and the rule to become a great person. Especially there are 7 very basic rules to lead ourselves: Learning - Determination - Visualization - Record Copy - Set goals - Exercise - Nutrition. This is the most realistic issue to bring each person closer to the success of.8 chapter shared how to maximize itself, which is leverage to change your own life and renovate the world around. The quotes in the book: "People give up their power in the most common way to think that they have no power." "In a certain aspect, they say you mean they are interested in Friend. They stop talking, meaning you are no longer meaning for them. When no one criticizes you, it is worrying. "" The stumbling along the road is part of the game. You learn by falling, studying leadership by trying. Mistakes will take you closer to a perfect step. "" Fear that you go through when you have reached the boundaries of true limits that will expand your limits. And then we will discover many weaknesses of myself. "" What doesn't kill you will make you stronger. New conditions will require new skills '' "you may not be rich, but the happiest thing is every morning wake up, you are doing what you really like." "You will get what's good The most people of others when giving away what your best. "" The bigger the dream, the more important team team. If I see more than others, I'm standing on the shoulder of the giant. "" If a confident person goes to his dreams and the effort to live a life he wants, then He will meet an unexpected success at a unexpected moment. "" Never doubt a small group of dedicated citizens and thoughts can change the world. It is actually the only thing that happens. "Lighthouse

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