‘before Being Assassinated, Thanh Nga Sister Has Very Strange Action Gestures’

'Before being assassinated, Thanh Nga still talked to me in front of the theater door, I remembered her sentences' - NSND Bach Tuyet Intelligence Inn.Nz: 00/3: 10 nam nuoi nay here, at the show My head tells, Bach Tuyet NSND confided in celebrating his mother and Russian artist before losing. Russian bars have very long actions that have happened for a long time, I think like time, every time Things will fade but not like that. Everything is still in printing in my memories, so that every time some phenomenon suddenly reappears, confusing, confused, even painful, unable to forget .NSND Snow White and Thanh Nga artist is remembering the story between me and Ms

. Thanh Nga. Ms Thanh Nga died on November 26, 1978, in the middle of the late night.NSND Snow White: I took a tomb of Hero, including a letter, calling it 6 months earlier, Ms
Thanh Nga thanks to Ms. Ngoc raised a statue Major to worship Buddha. Then, I built a place to worship the Bodhisattva. Before that, Thanh Nga had never said about worshiping Buddha with everyone, so everyone was surprised. Before being assassinated, Thanh Nga said still said Story to me in front of the theater door, I remember my words. Especially, in the evening before being assassinated, Thanh Nga still performed Thai Hau Duong Van Nga and had gestures, very strange action . Please divide the pink pink into each bag and give you the dances in the delegation and say, "Little people go to sing with you? I love to sing for Mr. Yua Vuong listen." Everyone laughs too much , I think it's a speech, who seems to happen to the sky. Russian bar is never out of the theater with the audience
Ever waiting for everyone to come on, the theater is very comfortable, then after the end. That night, Thanh Nga was very fast, interrupting the audience to go. Then she came home to go home, to be assassinated right in front of the door.NSND Bach Tuyet stood in front of the grave Thanh Ngasau when he heard the news of Thanh Nga was assassinated, throughout the week I kept huddling, could not explain Okay. I was too frustrated, asking why the fate was like that. My mother went with his age with this Thanh Ngasau, I learned a little more about horoscopes, astronomy, I realized a coincidence . My mother went with the age with Thanh Nga, also lost 11 pm. Nexico as every human being when it comes to this world already available an appointment that on that day, it must go to this place The train returned to where he came. Mother lost, I was 8 years old. It was the horror of a child like me. That day, she had done rice, but she said to wait for her to visit a friend and then eat the whole family. I'm angry with my mother, climb to your bed. Being dreamy, suddenly a guy banging my door, I rumbled, said: "Snow, your mother gets a car". I don't believe it, punching your face and asking: "Why did you say that?". The friend said: "My mother told you your mother to get a car, ask me to tell you with her two of you to visit your mother." By the time, I dedicated, I didn't know what to do, quietly followed you Go to the bus and then go to Saigon Hospital. Go to the hospital, I went to touch the door and then woke up, going upstairs at the end of the time. I met my mother, my mother told me: "The mother died, the two sisters stayed to eat in the star. Don't let them say that the father died his father and death".

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