Before G Stop All In 7 Days: Meat Full Of Stalls, Vegetables Overflow

Unlike the days before the Danang people rushed to markets and supermarkets to buy food on reserve, today (August 15), this situation no longer happened to occur.0: 00/1: 29 NAMS , In some traditional markets, supermarkets in Da Nang, food is still very much when the number of people go shopping decreases. There is no longer the situation of buying and burning goods as the days before. About 10:30 am, in Thanh Khe market (Thanh Khe district), meat stalls and fish are still very much but buyers drip. Many minor miniates, worries that do not sell out of stock before TP have applied the policy of "where anyone is there" on the 16th of August

. "The small businesses said that the people bought relatively full of food Recent days, this morning, the number of shoppers fell. Kim Yen Kim Yen (Tieu Nhanh sells Thanh Khe Market) said: "Today is the last day before the city stops activities, but the amount of buyers have been No longer as the previous days. This morning, meat in the market is very much, smaller-commercial sisters are too free to talk to the time "
Meat stalls in Thanh Khe Market are still a lot when the number of customers buys in Korea, Market Connation (Hai Chau District ), the number of people who buy less, vegetables and fruits at the stalls are still much. "Two days ago, about 8:30 'is my vegetable vegetables sold out, but this morning still has many, buyers Drip ", a small market net said. At Co.opmart supermarket, Mega Market, ... Customers into shopping are not as long as the days ago. Supermarkets arranged for customers to buy goods in batches about 20 people to ensure a way. Inside the supermarket, the amount of food, essential goods are fully prepared, the buyer is comfortable choosing. The reporter image notes this morning: the seller waits for Thanh Khe market very few people buy
Yesterday, at this market, people lined up early to buy food about the reserve of Thanh Khe market without the scene of people rushing to buy foods, buttered stalls are no longer josting, lining up to buy to 10:30 still Many meat, smallerbound fish have not sold all the beef rows of Ms. Kim Yen still a lot of "no guests buy so we stand talking for quick time. Today on the last day, if sold doesn't go off Removing the freezer, "a small businessman said. In the welding market, the amount of vegetables and tubers are still a lot when the buyer reduces the supermarkets in the guest supermarkets is also not too large. Each phase of about 20 people to ensure a variety of products, rich, buyers spoiled for goods prepared a lot to serve people of people rushing to buy goods have no longer happen like Armor houses

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