Before Sleeping Remembers Doing 5 Things To Beautify Skin, Prevent Aging, Do Enough You Will Be Young

With only a few evening habits, you can still own healthy, fresh skin and a lot of age at any age instance.02: 00/2: 06 Southern nationals and cleanses Clean face cleaners When going to bed will clean dirt on the skin after a day. In addition, makeup remover will help pores without clogging, supporting skin regeneration process effectively. As a result, your skin will reduce the risk of unsatisfying acne. After removing the makeup, you should use more face-washing steps with gentle essence cleansers and gentle massage on the skin

. Wash the face is too strong or use many products that contain many bleach can cause the skin to lose oil, dry and even irritate the illustration. Can appear on the face. Therefore, you should pay attention to additional collagen for the skin, helping the skin stretching, beautiful and younger
The products containing many collagen will have the effect of preventing aging for the skin. You should also pay attention to the skin around the eyes because this is a thin skin area and it is easy to reveal the signs of age. The house is indispensable to take care of their lips. Lip skin is very fragile, easily dry cracking and dull color. You should exfoliate for frequent lips, use lip balm or sleeping mask to provide nutrients, help lips are always soft and smooth. Do not use the phone using electronic device at night because Their green light is very harmful to skin health. Blue light increases oxidative reactions, while slowing down the recovery process of the skin protection barrier that makes us prone to premature aging. All electrical equipment in the dark will help strengthen production Hormone melatonin. It acts as a natural antioxidant of the body. Melatonin is created when the night falls and the body is completely rested
Therefore, turn off the lights and pull the curtain so that it can be quick to fall asleep. This posture will not cause water, restrictions on the surface on the next morning. Lying or leaning. Good

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