Before Stopping Sale, Many Restaurants In Hanoi Livestream Rescues Seafood

On the afternoon of July 12, as soon as the announcement to stop selling on the spot (sold only), most seafood buffet stores in Hanoi could not be handy due to a lot of goods in the beginning of the week. / 1: 19 NULTURAL NORTHERS HAPPY WITHOUT WITHOUT SELLING SHOP, so the restaurants have quickly thought of how to discharge efficient goods. It is sales in the form of Livestream directly on the restaurant's Facebook page.Theo staff a seafood restaurant on Nguyen Chi Thanh street, in just 3 Livestream "rescue seafood" on the page, the shop has more than 100 order. Accordingly, the price of giant freshwater shrimp, crabs are only 250,000 / kg, surpassing 18 - 20 children only VND 230,000

. "Due to the amount of crowded customers, many people complained to have registered but still bought, we had to post a customer", this employee caught a good hundred orders made after the Livestream of this restaurant Other buffet goods on West Lake, In addition to incentives to reduce deeply only half the price for each buffet rate on July 12, fresh seafood series was also sold online. Accordingly, the size of 3-4 children / kg price is 320,000 / kg, the surface is 250,000 / kg .
. known, the entire seafood restaurant has been sold out in just 2 hours. According to this restaurant, this form is easy to sell by customers who are looking directly, even choose each of themselves. The buffet restaurant "discharge" attracts many customers this afternoon , other restaurants have also quickly launched discounted forms, free ship items to serve customers for the coming days.

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