Before The Death, The Zen Master Asked A Sentence To Make The Disciples ‘scratching His Ears’, Had To Be A Year Later To Break The Prize

The story is very short but the function contains profound meaning of the cultivation for the 'soul' garden in each of us in each of the year. Life, in a minute of death, his disciples are sitting around and waiting for Master to communicate with them with profound knowledge about life and a universe. The meditator is only quiet and closed her eyes. Suddenly, he asked his disciples: "Do you know how to eradicate weeds?" Everyone was surprised and unexpectedly asking only such a simple sentence. The disciple said: "Can use the shovel to expose all weeds!" The Zen master nodded slightly after hearing it

. Another disciple said: "Can use fire to burn grass!" Zen master still smiled. The third disciple was determined: "Teacher, can sprinkle lime on the grass, will kill the weeds!" The fourth disciple continued: "Their method is not right, according to the child to cut off the root, Clean the roots, the grass will disappear completely. "The disciples did not expect my Master just asked a simple question
After the disciples finished speaking, the Zen master said:" The children said Good. From tomorrow, the children will share their own weed garden pieces and eliminate weeds in each person's own way. We will check the garden at this hour next year. "Tam a year after tried to kill the grass, the disciples had looked back at the garden. Obviously they found ways to eradicate weeds, but didn't understand why weeds remained like the same. They were curious not knowing how Master I did in a way, and visited the garden of the unforceent Zen master. Strangely, the original weed UM garden was no longer available, instead. All the bright colors. The disciples suddenly waughs: "It turns out that crops is the best way to remove weeds." I sat down on the shaded ground, the crop was ripe, but the Zen Master last year was died
This is the last lesson that Master has passed on to them, the disciples emotions fall tears because they are grateful. The cultivation is the same. The only way to keep the mind is not filled with "weeds" is to cultivate good thoughts and kindness of kindness. The story of the Buddha's buddha on the cultivation journey, the Buddha met a very unlike person I. In many days, that man has found all the ways to slander and smear her name Buddha. Finally, the Buddha turned and asked the man: "If someone gave him a gift, but he refused to receive, who did this gift belonged to?". The man replied: "Of course About giving gifts ". Every day, take more for the" soul "garden in each of us. Buddha smiles and says:" That's right. If I don't accept your curse, you're cursing yourself. "The man heard that immediately left. Tench: Two very short stories but the function contains profound meaning about The culture for the "soul" garden in each of us. Let's keep yourself a healthy mind and nice, what others think cannot affect you unless you accept that. If only blindly blindly follow what others think or say, you will lose your own freedom. Pearl / according to visiontimes: collectibles

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