Before The ‘great War’, The Defendor Of The Italian Unexpectedly Flattened Him

In the speech before the Euro 2020 final, the top mischievous star of the Thien Thanh defense system suddenly praised the brother 'to Cloud'.0: 00/1: 27 Nature of Italy has straightened into the match CK Euro 2920 with the couple "old guard" Bonucci (34 years old) and Giorgio Chiellini (36 years old). Although older but the couple's peak defense capabilities have briefly described by coach Mourinho: "They should go to Harvard University to teach defensive art". "Bonucci (34 years old ) And Giorgio Chiellini (36 years old). In the final speech, Bonucci was cautious when he said he and Chiellini pairs will have to be in the best state to disable the speed and threat of these British strong attackers like Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount and Bukayo Saka

. Bonucci shared: "The strikers of England are very young compared to me, they are very strong, agile. The Euro finals this year is really the battle between young men and elders. Italy needs to be extremely cautious about quick players like Harry Kane - he is one of the most comprehensive strikers in the world
In the three most recent matches, we have a chance to encounter three in The number of best strikers in the world, we still do very well and go to the finals. We believe that the whole team will always keep this concentration. In addition, not only has strong goods , Tel's defense is also great with excellent names like Harry Maguire or John Stones. We will absolutely cautiously in the defense and will be intelligent when attacking. "

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