Before The Iphone 13 Was Released: The Person Was Eagerly, The Person Was Indifferent Because ‘khum Had Money To Buy’

0h on September 15 in Vietnam (ie 10am on September 14, 14/9 California, USA), Apple will host the most expected new product series of products, especially for technology lovers. Before 'Now G', what do young people expect in this annual event? Earlier, some retail systems in Vietnam have also began to receive the iPhone 13 before the product has not been released. At a store in Ho Chi Minh City, the iPhone 13 ordering program was implemented from September 11, three days after the Apple information was prepared to organize the event. The versions posted as "upcoming" and the preset will receive incentives. A mobile retail system in Vietnam opened the iPhone 13 front link

. Some other large systems posted information about iPhone Apple's 2021 in the form of rumors and users can leave contact information if interested in the product. The selling price, configuration and time of specific delivery have not been mentioned, but there are still some customers ordering. Besides, walking a "market" in the facebook, not difficult to catch posts Before iPhone 13 of retail stores
Duy Khanh (owner of a mobile retail shop and repair in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) said, the store side he received an iPhone 13 orders, expected later 1 Week launches the product, guests will receive the item. It is known that the source will return to the portable road. Before the new iPhone launches, many young people are eager, promising to "stay full tonight" to welcome the "New Year" with the apple house community. Strong (26 years old, Ha Dong, Hanoi) said: "In any year, Apple launches the new iPhone, I am awake to follow directly. Being a technology enthusiast, especially the" hard fan "of the apple house I will definitely not miss the event tonight ".Bou Thanh Tea (24 years old, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi) said:" Through some leaked designs on the network, I don't like iPhone this year , the color is a bit "heterosexual", the design also has nothing to change much compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max I am using. Furthermore this year epidemic, economic difficulties and their old phones are still good so I don't intend to change the machine. It's just a fun track of the event ".Nguyen Linh (20 years old, Tuyen Quang) Share:" In fact, the iPhone will also have a compliment person, but there are people It is criticized, but whoever bought it, I still buy it. Like me The battery is not buying, simply because
.. 'khum' has money ".iPhone 13 is said to be released at 0h on September 15 (Hanoi time). It is expected that four versions are iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro MAX. Products using BIONIC A15 chips, high-speed 5G network mmwave networks, screen Promotion 120 Hz. Some sources from the supply chain predict that the price of the iPhone 13 will increase compared to the previous generation, due to the price of increase components. According to PhoneArena, after the most powerful iPad Pro duo in the April tablet history in April , Apple is supposed to be preparing to launch at least two other iPad upgrades this year. One is the 9th generation iPad with faster processing chips and thinner body. The second is the new product with the largest redesign in nearly a decade of the iPad Mini family. This is still unclear whether Apple organizes the second fall event in the following month. However, some information about the above iPad samples have been unveiled through previous leaks.

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