Behind The Honor Of Noble Career Awards

When a press work successfully and highly prizes, people only mention the authors directly. However, few people know that behind that success, there are also quiet contributions from the direction, the role of reporters, editors, technicians at each stage, each stage ... journalist Chu HuongAnd positions are less mentioned of the recent national people's public security festival, ATV security television of the Capital Security Newspaper becomes a familiar name for high quality work to be honored

. Typically, the reports "behind the pawn service"; "Black credit, origin of criminals"; "Patriarchal police"; "Inside the private clinic"; "Deadly danger from laughter" ..
won silver medal and certificates of merit not only at the People's Public Security Festival but also won the award in Processors in Ngo Tat To, National Festival ... In particular, in the category of investigation at the People's Public Security Festival in 2019, the work "follow the path of the target sales objects, organs" of the Chu Huong Author Group - Germany he has excellently won a gold medal. After those successful successes, are silently behind the backstage to organize, direct and organize posting routes (commanders, business departments), professionals advice, journalists do the secretary of the building, browsing the script, criticism, indicating the "open" places to edit and edit the word true and good, avoid errors, handle the details of suffering Logical error ... with the series of investigations, the effort of people standing "after chicken wings" to organize, calculate and edit the big role. Along with that, the post-weighting team plays a very important role, they are like the creators of the 2nd work of the work, but sometimes the work of the design artist, the film technician .
. only watched As the "stove". Reality, the film is a selection, arrangement, timing, presentation for television works. During selecting images must be rich in information, the technical quality of the image guaranteed, the attractive field, effective interview; Arrange according to the logical sequence, open attractive, culmided body, impressive termination. Besides, in a modern television work, the sound, background music and visual effects are also important to create a quality work, thereby helping viewers can feel the rhythh, The image language that imports the transfer. Can speak, the film technician is an innovative artist. Of course, they creatively on the basis of the scenario, director's direction, editors but cannot afford the role of their role. Thanh Nga - Technicians of filming of security TV ATV confide: " The setup is the first audience of the work, discovering the expression and telling the editor to handle. During the rendering process, there are times to conflict with the editor, I don't mind to argue. Because the new debate gives the best, best, satisfactory ". The filmmaker must always be creative, fast updated technology. And they also constantly learn to access life information. Hoang Minh Son - ATV technician shared: "This job is unlimited male or female, it limits who is more creative than anyone and needs perseverance. This work is in the same amount, sometimes I find "drowning" because there are long programs, or pressure on the broadcast time. But every time I do a show, I do a different topic, so even though sitting in a place, I also learned many things. "How do I work on the ATV Security TV Reporter (Security Newspaper Coordinated from the effects of the work of the work of the production, filming and technical organization ... - The work of those creators still quietly silently after the successful honor of the work. They join the editor ... to make excellent press works, contribute to the success of each work. But for the editor as well as the commanders of the production, filming and technical organization ..., glory not only comes from press awards. Larger happiness for each correspondent, journalist ... is an effect from public press works interested in public, receiving, with a profound impact on social life. The press works socio-economic development, about life around, about good people mirrors - good things ..., after posting a thank you authorities, recorded; Many characters have difficulties in the article are interested in society and sharing; Typical examples become a mirror for everyone to learn and follow ... - All become joy, pride and proof of the glory of newspapers. Editorial technicians ATV security TV programs but glory! If you do not engage and don't love your career, the person who is hard to complete the task and it is difficult to succeed. Every time a press work comes with readers is the entry of a journalist, editor, filming, technicians, a team of newspapers. And to take items

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